Solved Question Paper HP District Manager 2019

Solved Question Paper HP District Manager 2019

Solved Question Paper HP District Manager 2019 

Solved Question Paper HP District Manager 2019

Question 1:-Jyske Bank, which has launched the world’s first negative interest rate mortgage, is associated to which country?:-  Denmark

Question 2:- Name the country which announced one-month free visa on arrival to foreign nationals from nearly 50 Nations?? :- SriLanka

Question 3:- STRIDE, Which is in news recently, is associated with which of the following issues?:- To boost research culture

Question 4:-India’s first water clinic for Elephants has opened in which of the following cities?:- Mathura

Question 5:- Which of the following Indian mountains was included by UNESCO in the tentative list of world heritage sites recently?:-Mount Kailash

Question 6:-Which international organisation has recently released its report “Working on a warmer planet”?:- ILO

Question 7:-Who has become the first Indian to win an individual medal at the gymnastic World Cup?:-Aruna Budda Reddy

Question 8:-President Ram Nath Kovind inaugurated the World Hindi Secretariat building in?: Mauritius  

Question 9:- Which state government has launched KHUSHI scheme to provide free sanitary napkins to girls?:-Odisha  

 Question 10:- Which country launched its first commercial movie theatre after a nearly 40 years ban?:-Saudi Arabia

Question 11:-  Which UT has become the first in India to be 100% solar energy efficient?:-Diu  

Question 12:- Who has recently been awarded the MS Swaminathan award for Environment protection 2019?:-Kenneth M Quinn

 Question  13:-  English language Day is observed on April 23rd it is the birthday and date of death of which of famous writer?:-William Shakespeare

Question 14:- In which Indian city the first tree ambulance has been inaugurated?:-Chennai  

Question 15:- Which government has passed an amendment by which Sikhs in the country will be allowed to carry Kripan and use it during religious-cultural functions?:- UK 

  Question 16:- The Lok Sabha has passed the personal law (amendment bill) 2019 which seeks to remove which disease as a ground of divorce?:-Leprosy 

Question 17:-  LIC’s slogan ‘Yogakshemam Vahamyaham’ is which means in English, ‘your welfare is our responsibility’ is derived from which of the following ancient Hindu text?:-Bhagwad Geeta

  Question 18:-Which country has lost its first Glacier named ‘Okjokull Glacier’ due to climate change?:-Iceland  

Question 19:-Which of the following cities has become the world’s first national park City?:- London    

Question 20 :-Which country topped Asia in a Dell Global women entrepreneur cities index 2019?:-Singapore 

  Question 21:-The women and child development ministry launched online platform SHE box to enable women employee to file complaints related to sexual harassment at workplace. In SHE ‘e’ refers to:- Electronic 

Question 22:- The scientists of which country have developed the concept name the Ramanujan machine?:- Israel

Question 23:- The Muslim women (protection of rights on Marriage) Act, 2019 provides that-All declaration of instant triple Talaq will be void and illegal ,Instant triple Talaq remains a cognizable offence with a maximum of three years imprisonment and a fine ,The offence is non-bailable 

Question 24 :- Who of the following has been appointed recently as the country representative to the International Union for the conservation of nature (IUCN) India?:-Vivek Saxena

 Question 25 :-An all-women Police patrol unit Rani Abaaka Force has been introduced in which of the following cities?:- Mangaluru

Question 26:- Which book has won the 2019 Pulitzer prize for fiction?:-The Overstory by Richard Powers

Question 27 :- Which of the following temple of Himachal Pradesh has been rated as one of the finest moments of the Western Himalayas and a unique example of the letter Gupta tradition?:-Bajaura Temple 

Question 28 :-Which of the following lake is situated at An attitude of 3962 where the Gaddi tribal visit on Janmashtami to offer prayers?:-Lama Dal Lake 

 Question 29:- Which of the following incident was termed as the Shimla Terror and Shimla Genocide by the English newspapers in England?:-Revolt of 1857

  Question 30:-Who is the chairman of the State women Commission constituted to review and monitor the effective implementation of national policy for empowerment of women 2001 (NPEW) and to advise on the policy matter? :- CM 

Question 31:-Which of the following place was known as Baltohianaula Shehar and Chhota Muradabad for its brass utensils of various sizes and shapes?:-Gangath

 Question 32:-Who designed Christ Church at Shimla and St. George Church at Agra?:-J.T. Bolieau 

Question 33:-Women of which district have decided to plant seabuck thrown in the region to conserve the environment which is considered and eco-friendly plant for that area?:-Lahaul-Spiti

Question 34:- Match list 1 and 2 and select the correct answers from the codes given below-

  • Junga-295
  •  Theog – 144,
  • Jubbal – 297,
  • Tharoch – 70
Question 36 :- In which district of Himachal Pradesh two Eulogies (prashastis) have been found having a mention of the local chief Lakshmana aur Lakshman Chandra and his overload King Jaychandra?:-Kangra

 Question 36 :-In which district of Himachal Pradesh the proportion of 7.8 % population of scheduled caste is recorded, which is lowest in the state?:- Lahaul-Spiti 

 Question 37 :-Which of the following building earned National recognition and the ‘Vishwakarma Award 2011’ to the Public Work Department by the construction industry Development Council (CIDC) for having several unique features in the project?:-Nirman Bhawan 

 Question 38 :- The person who set up an apple orchard ‘Bundrole Orchard’ in 1870 after obtaining plants from the U.K. was-:- Captain R.C. Lee  

 Question 39:- Who among the following notable person ever contribute to the cause of education in the Pradesh?:-Bansi Lal Pada  

Question 40 :-The bill namely the state of Himachal Pradesh Act, which was introduced in the Parliament on July 31, 1970, elevate the status of Himachal Pradesh to a full-fledged state was passed by the union Parliament on-18th December 1970

 Question 41 :To make tourists familiar with an ancient cultural heritage of the state and to train the local youngsters as a cultural guide with the objective to provide themselves employment, a scheme has been started by the government of Himachal Pradesh. Name of the scheme is: -Aaj Purani Rahon Se

  Question 42:- What is the net sown area in Himachal Pradesh out of the total geographical area of  55.67 lakh hectares?:-5.83 lakh hectare

 Question 43:- The Chinese pilgrim Hiuen Tsang called the Chandra Tal Lake with which name?:-Lohitya Sarovar

  Question 44:-Which pass provides are the main approach to Spiti from Lahul?:-Kunjum pass

  Question 45:-Pacha’, ‘Kulti’, ‘Shilli’ and ‘Tapan’ are some prominent names in Chandra Valley?:-Glaciers 

 Question 46:-To tap the curative potential of hot water spring, HPTDC has built Turkish type baths near which hot spring of Himachal Pradesh?:-Vashisht

  Question 47:-Famous Philologist Dr. Grierson called with what name the common language (Pahadi) of Himachal Pradesh?:- Western Pahari  

Question 48:-According to Greierson who were the earlier known Indo Aryans of the Himalayan tract?:- Khasas

 Question 49:-In which district ‘Marich Havan Kund’ is located which was reopened after 900 years in 2005?:-Shimla 

Question 50:-Kinnauri women were compared to whom on account of their woolen raiments by ‘Cummings’?:-Scottish and Algerian

Question 51:- In which year the famous Chamba Rumal was declared world heritage by UNESCO?:-31st October 2008

 Question 52:-Which of the following Gompa has the largest collection of ‘Kangyur and Tangyur’ ?:-Kardang Gompa 

Question 53:-Who amongst the following donated the ‘Hall Estate’ to the ‘International Roerich Memorial Trust’ which is now known as ‘Roerich Art Gallery’?:-Devika Rani

 Question 54:-At which place in Kullu district the Indian Council of Animal Research is maintaining Fur animal division?:-Garsha

Question 55:-Apple the most important fruit crop of the state constitute what percentage of the total fruit production of Himachal Pradesh? :- None of the above 

Question 56:-Which of the following reservoir of Himachal Pradesh has the distinction of highest per hectare fish production in the country?:-Govind Sagar 

Question 57:- ‘One citizen one tree campaign’ is a campaign with the aim to plant more trees is launched by which of the following states: -Meghalaya

Question 58:- Nandan Nilekani committee has been set up by the government of India:-To review the existing status of digital digitization of payments in the country

  Question 59:-What is the name of the recently developed the world’s thinnest gold?:-Nano Seaweed 

 Question 60:-Which initiative is launched by the Niti Aayog to promote innovation at the community level in underserved rural regions of India?:-Atal community innovation Centre 

Question 61:- Yohei Sasakawa got the Gandhi Peace Prize for the year, 2018 for his contribution in-Leprosy eradication in India and across the world

Question 62:-Which of the following Indian celebrities has been appointed as the new SDG advocate of UN?:-Diya Mirza 

 Question 63:- General protesting against the government proposal to open a Sanskrit college in Calcutta?:-Ram Mohan Roy

  Question 64:- Which of the following is correct about Swami Dayanand Saraswati?:-He went to Calcutta debate the Brahma including Keshab Chandra Sen there  

Question 65:- Identify from among the following the letter scholar of the Deoband School who supported the Pakistan movement? :-Shabbir Ahmad Uthmani (Usmani) 

Question 66:-Of the following Brahmo Samaj (after various splits) persisted and remained a force for reforms in Bengal?:-Sadharan Brahmo Samaj

Question 67:- Which of the following is the subject of Bankim Chandra Chatterjee’s book, “The Anandamath”?:- The  Sanyasi rebellion 

Question 68:-Which of the following is not correctly matched: Annie Besant:- Madras Christian forum

 Question 69:-The productivity of Indian agriculture can be enhanced by:-increased irrigation facilities 

Question 70:-Fiscal deficit less interest payment is called:-primary deficit 

 Question 71:-Which of the following is a most likely consequence of implementing the  United payments interface (UPI) ? :-Mobile wallets will not be necessary for online payments

Question 72:- If the Reserve Bank of India lower reserve requirements, which of the following is most likely to happen to interest rates and nominal Gross Domestic Product?:-Interest nominal-Decrease      Gross Domestic Product-Increase 

Question 73:- Consider the following statements:
1.National payments Corporation of India (NPCI) helps in promoting the financial inclusion in the country.
2.NPCI has launched Rupay, a card payment scheme.:- Both 1 and 2

Question 74:- Per drop more crop is the key goal of: Pradhan Mantri Sinchai Yojana

  Question 75:-Mango showers are most prevalent in which of the following areas?:-Coastal Karnataka

Question 76 :- Which one of the following is not a land-use category in India?:-Marginal land 

Question 77:-India produces most of its coffee production in the form of:- Robusta 

Question 78:-In which one of the following environments does not expect the presence of dispersed rural settlements in India?:-Alluvial Plains of Ganga 

 Question 79:-Who is considered as the marginal worker according to standard census definition?:-a person who works for less than 183 days in a year 

Question 80:-Physiological density of population is defined as-total  population divided by net cultivated area 

Question 81:-The fundamental duties in the constitution of India were adopted from-Russian constitution

 Question 82:-Interpretation of the Constitution of India is based on the spirit of-Preamble 

Question 83:-In a democracy, the source of authority is vested in- The people 

 Question 84:-The constitution of India is the supreme court of India between the centre and the states through:-Original jurisdiction

 Question 85:-Which one of the following Institutions is responsible for social audit? :-Gram Sabha 

Question 86:-In India, the concept of single citizenship is adopted from-UK

 Question 87:-Which of the following does not secrete any hormone?:-Spleen 

Question 88:-Human saliva contains Ptylin which digest-starch

 Question 89:-Which of the following is the secondary pollutant?:-Smog 

 Question 90:-Which has maximum calorific value? :-Fat

 Question 91:-Which of the following electromagnetic radiations has the maximum energy?:-Infrared rays  

Question 92:-A seed can germinate in the absence of: -adequate light 

 Question 93:-Which of the following elements is a semiconductor?:- Silicon 

Question 94:-Identify from among the following, who is not associated with the Prathna Samaj?:-Pandit Lekh Ram

Question 95:-The plants which grow under water stress condition of deserts are-:-xerophytes 

Question 96:-Consider the following and arrange them in chronological order from the code given below:
1.The Tribune (1881)
2.Hindu Patriot (1853)
 3.Indian Mirror (1862)
 4.Pioneer (1864-65):
 :- 2-3-4-1 

Question 97:-Which of the following statements is not correct?:-The local leaders of Kheda movement got in touch with Gandhiji through Vinoba Bhave   

Question 98:- Which of the following is correct about the Home Rule League of Lokmanya Tilak and Annie Besant?:-Tilak started it in April 1916 and Annie Besant in September 1916 

 Question 99:-Of the following ok, which is correct about the formation of various Socio-Political organizations by BR Ambedkar?:-He formed the All India scheduled caste Federation In 1942 

Question 100:-Where was accepted the suggestion of non-cooperation at the leadership of Gandhiji to lead the Khilafat movement by the Khilafat committee in 1920?:-Allahabad

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