Monday, August 10, 2020

HP Staff Nurse Exam Question Answer Set -5

HP Staff Nurse Exam Question Answer Set -5

HP Staff Nurse Exam Question Answer Set-4
HP Staff Nurse Exam Question Answer Set-4

Q.1 A patient who wishes to leave the hospital prior to the completion of treatment:

Answer:- Must be allowed to do so.

Q.2 Medical treatment of coronary artery disease includes which of the following


Answer. Oral medication administration

Q.3 Pulse oximetry is used during endoscopic procedures to:-

Answer:-Determine arterial blood oxygen saturation.

Q.4 The presence of Helicobacter pylori predisposes patients to:

Answer:- Duodenal ulceration.

Q.5 Smooth muscle relaxants administered during an endoscopic retrograde


Answer:- Induce duodenal Atonia

Q.6 Specimens are more easily obtained from flat esophageal lesions using forceps

with which feature-

Answer:- Cups with a central spike.

Q.7 Which of the following symptoms usually signifies rapid expansion impending rupture of an abdominal aortic aneurysm?

Answer. Lower back pain

Q.8 To maximize iron absorption, patients should be advised to take iron supplements:

Answer:- With meal

Q.9 Malabsorption in Coeliac Disease is due to:

Answer. Atrophy and reduced enzyme activity in small bowel villi.

Q. 10 What position should the nurse place the head of the bed in to obtain the most

accurate reading of jugular vein distention?

Answer:- Raised 30 degrees


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