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HPSSC Staff Nurse Exam Important Question Answer 2020(Set-2)

HPSSC  Staff Nurse Exam Important Question Answer 2020(Set-2)

HPSSC  Staff Nurse Exam Important Question Answer 2020(Set-2)
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Question 1 The most important Nurse Responsibility in Relation to Intravenous Drug
Administration is-
Answer:- Checking and maintaining patency of the vascular access device

Question 2 The legal responsibilities of a Nurse includes-
Answer:-. Protect the patients' rights and Keep legal records safety

Question 3 The failure of professionals to provide proper care and competent care to patient
Answer:- Malpractice

Question 4 This is one of the commonest Condition associated with a high risk of suicideA.
Answer:-Major depression

Question 5 It is leading cause of death in Infants and Young children-
Answer. Pneumonia

Question 6 Integrated Management of Neonatal and Childhood Illness (IMNCI) developed
Answer. WHO and UNICEF

 Question 7 DPT and DT vaccine should be stored between-
Answer. 4-8 degree Celsius

Question 8 The true contraindications of breast feeding are-
Answer:- Galactosemia and Phenylketonuria

Question 9 The Nursing management of Children with Congestive Cardiac Failure is-
Answer. Bed rest in propped up position (45 degree), Oxygen Therapy,Restricting Activities

Question 10 The most important Nursing management of children with Rheumatic Fever is-
Answer. Bed rest

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