Wednesday, August 5, 2020

HPSSSB Hamirpur Staff Nurse Exam Question ANswer Set-3

HPSSSB Hamirpur Staff Nurse Exam Question Answer Set-3

HPSSC  Staff Nurse Exam Important Question Answer 2020(Set-2)

Q.1 Euthanasia means-
Answer:-Good death

Q.2 A nurse who is liable to her course of action is termed as-
Answer:- Accountable

Q.3 It is a set of collective statement about a group's expectations and standard of
Answer:- Professional code of ethics

 Q.4 LAMA stands for-
Answer:-. Left Against Medical Advice

Q.5 The purpose of nursing diagnosis is to-
Answer. Analyze the collected data and Synthesize the data

Q.6 Child health is greatly depending upon-
Answer:- Family health

Q.7 It is the single most important determinant of the changes of the survival and
healthy development of children-
Answer:- Low birth weight

Q.8 It is a specialized area of child health-
Answer:- Preventive pediatrics

Q.9 It refers to individual self Determination and freedom of choice is-

Q.10 Priorities are set based upon-
Answer. Clients condition

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