Friday, August 14, 2020

HPSSSB Hamirpur Staff Nurse Exam Question Answer Set-6

HPSSSB Hamirpur Staff Nurse Exam Question Answer Set-6

HP Staff Nurse Exam Question Answer Set-4
HP Staff Nurse Exam Question Answer Set-6

 Q. 1 One group pretest Post test design is type of ___?

Answer:- Pre- experimental

Q. 2 The stage of growth and development basically concerned with the role

identification is the __

Answer:-Genital stage

Q. 3 Which of the following is a positive sign of pregnancy _?

Answer:- Fetus seen on ultrasound

Q. 4 Which of the following styles best when the followers are self-directed, experts

and are matured individuals __?

Answer. Laissez Faire

Q. 5 Extra calorie intake recommended for lactating mother is __?

Answer:-550 Kcal/day

Q. 6 Intake of which of the following can prevent neural tube defect __?

Answer:- Folic acid

Q. 7 The best method of delivery system to provide care for comatose patient is __?

Answer:- Case method

Q. 8 Which of the following means translating the message into verbal and non verbal

symbols to communicate the receiver __?

Answer:- Encoding

Q. 9 Which of the following behaviors is manifested by the leader who uses path goal


Answer. Recognizes Staff for going beyond expectations by giving them citations

Q. 10 Manager stresses the need for all the employees to follow orders and

instructions from him and not from anyone else. Which principles does he refer to __

Answer:- Unity of command

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