Monday, August 3, 2020

HPSSSB Staff Nurse Exam important Questions 2020 (set-1)

HPSSSB Staff Nurse Exam important Questions 2020 

HPSSSB Staff Nurse Exam important Questions 2020

Q.1 Neural tube defects can be prevented by-

Answer:-Maternal folate supplementation

Q.2 What is the commonest cause for neonatal mortality in India.?

Answer:- Prematurity

Q.3 The intravenous Anesthetic agent used for treating clinical depression is-

Answer:- Ketamine

Q.4 Hemoglobin is a coordination compound in which the central metal atom is-

Answer:- Iron

Q.5 Anterior interosseous nerve supplies-

Answer. Flexor pollicis longus

Q.6 A condition characterized by a prolonged PR interval more than 0.2 secs in ECG
is called-

Answer:- First degree AV block

Q.7 Vitamin A is mostly stored in which type of cells in the liver-

Answer:- Stellate/Ito cells

Q.8 Which of the following anti-tuberculosis drug can damage the 8th cranial nerve?

Answer. Streptomycin

Q.9 Earliest symptom of carcinoma vocal cord is-

Answer. Hoarseness

Q.10 Culture media sterilized by-

Answer. Autoclave

Q.11 Korsakoff's psychosis is due to intake of-


Q.12 Which of the following is not a use of dexamethasone.?

Answer:- Cushing's disease

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