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Important questions for HP Staff Nurse Exam 2020

Important questions for HP Staff Nurse Exam 2020

Important questions for HP Staff Nurse Exam 2020

Q.1 The most important need for the new born immediately after birth-

Answer:-To clear air way

Q.2 Diarrhea is more common in-

Answer. Artificial feeding

Q.3 One of the biological factor which may cause mental disorder.?

Answer. Brain damage

 Q.4 The electoral college that elect the Vice-President of India consists of-

Answer:-Members of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha

Q.5 One of the recipients of Nobel Prize for chemistry was Paul Modric, he belong
to which country.?

Answer:- USA

Q.6 The MMR vaccine is administered at the age-

Answer:- 15 months

Q.7 The smallest unit of the body-

Answer:- Cell

Q.8 The solution used to detect sugar in urine-

Answer:-Benedict's Reagent

Q.9 Which of the following is a permanent method of sterilization.?

Answer:- Tubectomy

Q.10 The hormone responsible for the secondary sex characteristic in females.

Answer. Oestrogen

Q.11 The name given to the endometrium during pregnancy-

Answer:- Decidua

Q.12 The fertilized ovum divides into a cluster of cells known as-

Answer:- Morula

Q.13 Net maternal weight gain during pregnancy-

Answer 6 – 8 kg

Q.14 The widest transverse diameter of the fetal skull passes the pelvic brim is termed

Answer:- Engagement

Q.15 A 17-year-old receives whole body radiation as part of a preparatory regimen for
bone marrow transplantation Which of the following cells and tissues in the body is
most likely to remain unaltered by the effects of this therapeutic radiation?

Answer:- Neurons of cerebral cortex

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