Biology MCQ Set-1 For HPSSSB TGT Medical Exam

 Biology MCQ Set-1 For HPSSSB TGT Medical Exam

||Biology MCQ Set-1 For HPSSSB TGT Medical Exam||Biology MCQ Set-1 For HPSSC TGT Medical Exam||

Biology MCQ Set-1 For HPSSSB TGT Medical Exam


Question 1: Which of the following shows the correct sequence?

A - Observation -> Hypothesis ->Law  -> Theory

B - Hypothesis -> Observation -> Theory -> Law

C - Hypothesis -> Observation -> Law -> Theory

D - Observation -> Hypothesis -> Theory -> Law

Explanation: Hypothesis is based on observation. Test of hypothesis leads to a theory which eventually leads to a law.

Question 2: Polio shots are an example of what type of disease control?

A - Drug treatment

B - Gene therapy

C - Immunization

D - Preventive measures

Question 3: Which of the following is a correct order?

A - Cell -> Organ -> Tissue -> Organism

B - Tissue -> Organ -> Cell -> Organism

C - Cell -> Tissue -> Organ -> Organism

D - Cell -> Tissue -> Organism  -> Organ 

Explanation: Cells group together to form tissues. Multiple tissue form an organ and a group of organs form an organism.

Question 4: Study of life in sea and oceans is called?

A - Marine biology

B - Freshwater biology

C - Sea biology

D - Microbiology

Explanation: Marine biology includes the study of marine life including its physical and chemical properties


Question 5: Starch is an example of?

A - Micromolecule

B - Macromolecule

C - Mid level molecule

D - Human molecule

Explanation: Molecules like starch and proteins have high molecular weight and hence they are the examples of macromolecules

Question 6: Which branch of biology deals with the structure of cells and their organelles?

A - Microbiology

B - Molecular biology

C - Parasitology

D - Human biology

Question 7: "Crocodile is a reptile and can survive in water. So all reptiles can survive in water." This statement is an example of?

A - Theory

B - Inductive reasoning

C - Deductive reasoning

D - Wrong reasoning

Explanation: Inductive reasoning moves from specific to general, which is the case in this example.

Question 8: Kidney is an example of ?

A - Tissue

B - Organ

C - Cellular system

D - Organism

Explanation: Structures specialized to perform a certain function e.g stomach, lungs, kidney, liver etc are all organs

Question 9: Population of different species (plants and animals) living at the same habitate in the same time form a:

A - Ecosystem

B - Community

C - Biosphere

D - Microsystem

Question 10: Removal or degradation of pollutants by the living organisms is called?

A - Integrated management

B - Environmental control

C - Eugenics

D - Bioremediation

Explanation: Bioremediation is a waste management technique that involves the use of organisms to remove or neutralize pollutants from a contaminated site.


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