HAS/HPAS MAINS EXAM GENERAL English PAPER Held on 01 December 2020

 HAS/HPAS MAINS EXAM GENERAL English PAPER Held on 01 December 2020

HAS/HPAS MAINS EXAM GENERAL English PAPER Held on 01 December 2020

1. (a) Rewrite the following sentences after making necessary corrections, if any. Do not make unnecessary changes in the original sentences.                                            (5)

(i) Either I or my friend are willing to watch the movie.

(ii) No lesser then ten students came for the class.

(iii) I have not seen some big cities in Japan.

(iv) He explained briefly his case before the Chairperson.

(v) Though she was angry but she listened to me patiently.

(b) Use the correct forms of verb given in the brackets. (5)

(i) Answers____________ on both sides of the paper. (write)

(ii) He______his dinner now and is satisfied.(finish)

(iii) I enjoy_________English.(learn)

(iv) If I had gone there, I_____him.(meet)

(v) Would you mind_______me in crisis? (help)

c) Change the voice.                                               (5)

(1) Why should they be respected by us?

(ii) Your father will give you a word of praise.

(iii) Did they say anything interesting?

(iv) Will someone send me the details?

(v) The doctors had given him artificial respiration.

(d) Change the following sentences into indirect speech.                         (5)

(1) The Principal said to the students, 'You will all grow up into wise and intelligent young men and women.'

(ii) My Uncle said to me, 'Come and meet me soon.'

(iii) Sudhir said to the Registrar, "The student has run away with the answer sheet."

(iv) My friend, Neeraj, said to me, 'I am going to Australia soon.'

(v) "What a beautiful place!" Manish said when he saw Dal lake.

2. (a) Use the following words to make sentences that bring out their meaning clearly. Do not change the form of the words. (No marks will be awarded for vague and ambiguous sentences).     (10)

(1) Prefatory

(ii) Flamboyant

(iii) Adversary

(iv) Expedite

(v) Lucrative

(vi) Perfunctory

(vii) Tenacious

(viii) Vacuum

(ix) Obstinate

(x) Obligation

(b) Use the following Idioms / Phrasal Verbs in sentences of your own to bring out their meaning clearly. Do not change the form of the words.                                                     (10)

(1) Flesh and Blood

(ii) Dark horse

(iii) Bear in mind

(iv) Take after

(v) Make out

(vi) High Time

(vii) Break in

(viii) Account for

(ix) Back out

(x) Give in

3. Write a letter to the Director General of Police, Himachal Pradesh, in about 300 words, expressing your concern regarding rapid increase of crime against women in your town, suggesting some remedial steps to overcome this serious problem.


Write a letter to the Chairman, Himachal Pradesh Education Board, in about 300 words, complaining about the menace of copying and its ill-effects on the students in Himachal Pradesh Senior Secondary Schools.

4. His Excellency, Governor of Punjab, is concerned about the increase of Drug Abuse among the College students in Punjab. In order to work on a possible solution to curb this menace, the Home Minister, Punjab has asked the Director General of Police, Punjab to find out the possible causes, problem faced and solution. Assuming yourself to be the Director General of Police, Punjab, prepare a report in about 200 words to be submitted to the Secretary, Home Minister, Punjab.              (10)


Air Indiahas been constantly incurring losses due to sharp decrease in the number of passengers travelling by this airline. The Civil Aviation Department, Government of India, is worried and serious about this problem and is keen to know the reasons of the passengers lack of interest in travelling by this airline. Assuming yourself to be the Chief Executive Officer, Air India, prepare a report in about 200words highlighting the real causes along with suggesting suitable measures to overcome this problem, to be submitted to the Secretary, Civil Aviation Department, Government of India.    (10)

5 Read the Passage carefully and answer the questions that follow.                  (10)

Of course, storytelling has a darker side too. It makes us vulnerable to conspiracy theories, advertisements and narratives about ourselves that are more truthy than true. Everything is in the eye of the beholder. Right, wrong, sin, good, duty, responsibility, love, hate-all of these depend on who is looking. New forms of stories generate their own new sets of problems, which require yet more solutions. Alternate Reality Games (ARG) are interactive networked narratives that use the real world as a platform and uses trans-media storytelling to deliver a story that may be altered by participants' ideas or  actions. The human brain has been on a slower evolutionary trajectory than the technology and our brains still respond to content by looking for the story to make sense out of the experience. It is very important that we revisit storytelling in a serious manner and ensure that stories remain authentic human experiences. Let the stories leap frog the technology and bring us to the core of human experience about collaboration and connection.


1. According to the passage, which is the dark side of storytelling?                     (3)

2. According to the passage, What is the function of ARG?                             (3)

3. According to the passage, What is the position of human brain in comparison to the technology?   (2)

4. According to the passage, What should be the real function of the stories? (2)

6. Read the passage carefully and answer the questions that follow.                (10)

Friends, reading habits from young age and continuous acquisition of knowledge through books indeed make human beings appreciate multiple aspects of societal life and become autonomous learners. First let me talk about the culture of excellence. Friends, excellence is not by accident. It is a process, where individuals, an organisation or a nation continuously strive to better themselves. They set the performance standards themselves, they work on their dreams with focused concentration, are prepared to take planned risks and do not get discouraged by disappointments as they move towards the realization oftheir dreams to reach the original targets. Then they step up their dreams as they tend to reach the original targets. They strive to work to their potential, and in the process, they increase their performance, thereby multiplying further their potential. This is an unending life-cycle phenomenon. They are not in competition with anyone else, but themselves.


1. According to the passage, What makes human beings appreciate multiple aspects of societal life and become autonomous learners?

2. According to the passage, What is the culture of excellence and how it can be

3. dececording to the passage, What is an unending lifo-cycle phenomenon? CB

4. According to the author, What are the advantages of developing reading habits from an early age?

7. Make a Précis of the following passage and give a suitable title.

India has always been a conglomerate of different creeds and communities. Our seers and sages laid the foundation of our national unity and Indian nationhood by establishing centres of pilgrimage on the four corners of India. In the process, they fired the imagination of our people with the idea of nationhood. Indian people constituted a nation much before the British came. The coming of the Mohammedans earlier had hardly made any difference to the fact of India being a nation. India could not cease to be a nation simply because people belonging to different religions reside here. People with different religious backgrounds would continue to constitute one nation so long as they maintain the principle of non-interference in one another's religion. Foreign rule over a civilised community in any country suffers from many disadvantages and many ills follow in its train. One of these disadvantages is that it has to rely on the less desirable elements in the population. The idealists, the proud, the self- respecting, who care sufficiently for freedom and are not prepared to degrade themselves by an enforced submission to an alien authority, keep aloof or come into conflict with it. However, it is very important to remember especially now when we have regained our freedom from British rule, that it was contact with western ideas that made our own people wake up and work for a new India. Many great men and women have worked for the making of the new India in many different ways. They had different ideas of what the new India should be. Some wanted to reform the Hindu religion by getting rid of idol-worship, caste and other ideas which were not in the Hindu religion of the ancient times. Swami Dayanand, who founded the Arya Samaj, had this aim. Others wanted to get rid of old ideas completely and make India a modern country, with the help of scientific knowledge gained from the west. Some wanted to bring about changes by spreading education through newspapers and schools. But all these people got their ideas through hearing or reading about the changes which had been taking place in Europe and America. They got to know about these changes from people who came to India from the West, first to trade with them, and then to rule over them. They did not like being ruled over by foreigners, but they could not help seeing that unless they got the modern scientific knowledge which the foreigners had, they would not be able to make a new India and rule it themselves.  (429 words)

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