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Keyboard MCQ For HPSSC JOA IT Exam

Keyboard MCQ For HPSSC JOA IT Exam

Keyboard MCQ For HPSSC JOA IT Exam


 The keyboard of a computer is almost similar to a typewriter with a few differences. The keyboard has all the alphabets and (0-9) numeric digits on upper line with some control characters like @,#, $,% written above the numeric digits. On the right side of the keyboard is a numeric keypad with all numeric digits and calculation symbols.

Difference Keys of the Keyboard

(i) Function keys – These are 12 keys numbered from F1 to F12 on top most line to perform special


(ii) Alphabet keys – These keys are 26 in number and contain alphabets from A to Z in upper and lower case.

(iii) Numerical keys – These are 10 in number (0-9). These keys are present in second row from top of

keyboard and also on numeric keypad.

(iv) Logical sign keys – Such keys on which logical signs are <,>,?,!,*,= etc.

(v) Arithmetic and mathematical keys – These are operational keys for example -,+,&,/,@ etc.

(vi) Special keys – These keys are used for special purposes. Various special keys are described below-

(a) Cursor Movement keys – There are four keys used for cursor movement to right, left, up and down

direction. These are - ↑ ,↓,→, ←

(b) Escape key – This is an important key used to deactivate the wrongly written command.

(c) Enter key – This an important key on the keyboard. It sends the data into the computer. It is also used to move the cursor to the next line.

(d) Numeric keypad – This keypad is located on right side of the keyboard. It contains numeric digits from (0-9) and mathematical operators +, -, *, /, = etc. It functions when numeric lock key is ON.

(e) Alt and Ctrl keys – These keys are used alongwith the combination of alphabetical keys. These keys have different use in each software.

(f) Insert key – This key is used to insert a letter in a word. A missing alphabet can easily be inserted in a misspelt word.

(g) Caps Lock key – This key is used to type letter in upper/lower case.

(h) Space Bar – This key creates space between words.

(i) Delete key – It is used to delete written word.

(j) Back Space key – It is used when a letter or word is needed to move backward.

(k) Pause key – It is used to temporarily stop the activity on the screen.

(l) Print key – This key is used to print the information on screen and printer.

1. Functional keys used to perform _____.

Ans. Specific Task

2. To close a selected drop-down list, cancel a command and close a dialog box, key used is

a) Esc key 

b) End key

c) Enter key

 d) Alt key

3. Which keys allows user to enter frequently used operations in a single key stroke?

a) Function keys

b) Cursor control keys

c) Trackball

d) Control keys

4. What type of keys are  ̳ctrl‘ and  ̳shift‘?

a) adjustment

b) function

c) modifier

d) alphanumeric

5. Why is the Caps Lock key referred to as a toggle key?

a) Because its function goes back and forth every time it is pressed

b) Because it cannot be used for entering numbers

c) Because it cannot be used to delete

d) Because it cannot be used to insert

6. The ____ key and the ____ key can be used in combination with other keys to perform shortcuts and special tasks.

a) Control, Alt

b) Function toggle

c) Delete, Insert

d) Caps Lock, Num Lock

7. Which key is used in combination with another key to perform a specific task?

a) Function

b) Control

c) Arrow

d) Space bar

8. The most common input devices include.......

a) Monitor and keyboard

b) Monitor and mouse

c) Mouse and keyboard

d) Printer and mouse

9. Letters, numbers and symbols found on a keyboard are .......

a) Icon

b) Screen

c) Keys

d) Menu

10. To make the number pad act as directional arrows, you press the _____ key.

a) num lock

b) caps lock

c) arrow lock

d) alt

11. The modern keyboard typically has ______ function keys.

a) 8

b) 10

c) 12

d) 14

12. Which device of computer operation dispenses with the use of the keyboard?

a) joystick 

b) Light pen

 c) Mouse 

d) Touch

13. Which among the following is the most common device that accepts letters, numbers and command from a user?

a) Optical Mouse

b) Sensitive Screen or touch screen

c) Keyboard

d) USB

14. What type of keyboard is used in fast food restaurants, offices and shops?

a) Numeric keypads

b) Numeric keyboard

c) Concept keyboard

d) Concise keyboard

15. What type of keyboard is used in telephone and ATMs?

a) Numeric keyboard

 b) Numeric keypad

c) Folding keyboard 

d) Any type of keyboard

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16. There are different types of keys which cannot work independently. Which one of the following keys cannot work independently?

a) Delete key

 b) Space bar key

c) Alt key

 d) Enter key

17. Third generation computer used ______for input.

(a) magnetic disk

(b) magnetic tape

(c) keyboard

(d) all of them

18. Common keyboards used in India have _______ layout of keys.

(a) English US

(b) English UK

(c) either a or b

(d) neither a nor b

19. The ______ button moves the cursor to the next predetermined stop location.

(a) space bar 

(b) enter

(c) backspace

 (d) tab

20. The _______ button toggles capital letter for input.

(a) caps lock

 (b) print screen

(c) scroll lock

 (d) pause/break

21. The _____ button takes a screen shot and copies it to clipboard or saves it to a file.

(a) caps lock 

(b) print screen

 (c) scroll lock 

(d) pause/break

22. The _______ button stops or resumes the boot process.

(a) caps lock 

(b) print screen

(c) scroll lock 

(d) pause/break

23. _______ button keeps the scroll mode on or off.

(a) caps lock 

(b) print screen

(c) scroll lock 

(d) pause/break

24. The group of number keys and basic arithmetic operators placed on the left side of a keyboard is called ______.

(a) number pad 

(b) note pad

(c) arrow keys

 (d) cursor controls

25. The ______ key toggles number pad on or off.

(a) num lock

 (b) caps lock 

(c) scroll lock 

(d) Esc

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26. The ______ keys can move the cursor up, down, left or right.

(a) num lock

 (b) arrow

(c) scroll lock 

(d) Esc

27. The _______ key moves out of current screen or terminates current operation.

(a) num lock 

(b) arrow

(c) scroll lock 

(d) Esc

28. The _______ key helps to access alternate character of each key (e.g. ! by pressing 1, @ by pressing 2, etc.).

(a) num lock

 (b) arrow

(c) shift

 (d) Esc

29. The ______ key opens context menu.

(a) Ctrl

(b) Windows button

(c) Alt

(d) function key

30. The series of keys named F1 ... F12 are called _______ .

(a) function keys 

(b) scroll keys

(c) number keys

 (d) navigation keys

31. Function keys are placed at the _______ of keyboard.

(a) bottom

 (b) right 

(c) top 

(d) left

32. The Insert, Delete, Home, End, Page Up and Page Down keys are placed above _____.

(a) arrow keys

(b) number lock

(c) function keys

(d) scroll lock

33. A second enter key is available in _______ area of keyboard.

(a) arrow keys

(b) number lock

(c) function keys

(d) scroll lock

34. Most of the shortcut keys are designed to use _____ key along with one or two characters.

(a) Ctrl 

(b) Alt

 (c) both a & b

 (d) none of them

35. What is the full form of caps lock button on keyboard.

a) Cap lock

 b) capitals lock

 c) camera lock

 d) camp lock

36. Which key is used to delete programs of files permanently?

a) F5

b) Ctrl + Del

c) Alt + D

d) Shift + Del

37. To run/execute the selected command, ______ key is used.

a) Ctrl key

b) Alt key

c) Enter key

d) Shift key

38. The most commonly used input device is

a) Mouse

b) Keyboard

c) Scanner

d) Printer

39. Which is the most common computer keyboard layout?



c) Devorak

d) Colemark

40. Keyboard developed by______

a) Christopher Latham Sholes

b) Charles babbage

c) Allen Turing

d) Lady Ada lovelace


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