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1. How can you tell the email that you have read from the email that you have not read?

a) The unread mail will be on top

b) The unread mail will be on botton

c) The unread mail will be bold

d) The unread mail will be blue

2. ______ is the exchange of computer stored messages by telecommunication.

a) Download 

b) E-mail 

c) Upload 

d) All of these

3. Which of the following is an advantage of an email?

a) Desired length

b) Ease of communication

c) Lower cost

d) All of these

4. Junk email is also called_______

Ans. Spam

5. Unwanted repetitious messages, such as unsolicited bulk email is known as _______

Ans. Spam

6. SMTP stands for

a) Short mail transmission protocol

b) Small mail transmission protocol

c) Server Mail Transfer Protocol

d) Simple Main Transfer Protocol

7. In MS Office, ______ is the software for managing emails.

(a) MS Access 

(b) MS Publisher

(c) MS Outlook 

(d) MS Onenote

8. Transmission and delivery of information containing text, image, video, documents etc. to targeted recepient(s) over the Internet is called _______ .

(a) email

(b) world wide web

(c) e-commerce

(d) social media

9. E-mail address is made up of ______

a) Single part 

b) Two parts

c) Three parts 

d) Four parts

10. The first part of email address identifies ______.

(a) name of individual user

(b) name of the email server

(c) name of the mobile phone operator

(d) name of bank

11. The second part of email address identifies ______ .

(a) name of individual user 

(b) name of the email server

(c) name of the mobile phone operator 

(d) name of bank

12. The user name and email server parts of an email address are separated by _______ symbol.

(a) @

 (b) # 

(c) $ 

(d) &

13. Gmail.com, yahoo.com, yahoo.co.in, ymail.com, rediff.com, rediffmail.com, fastmail.fm, etc. are popular _______ .

(a) FTP servers

 (b) social media sites

(c) email servers 

(d) none of them

14. An email may contain non-text information which may be _______.

(a) uploaded

 (b) downloaded

(c) transmitted 

(d) erased

15. An image displayed on web page can be ________ to download the file.

(a) right click and choose save image as

(b) left click

(c) double click

(d) press delete button

16. Electronic communication between 2 persons having unique identifiers over the Internet is called _______ .

(a) India post

(b) Speed post

(c) Registered post

(d) email

17. ______ is a technology that allows you to send and receive messages over the Internet without the delay of traditional postal services.

(a) India post 

(b) Speed post

(c) Registered post 

(d) email

18. Each user of a email communication should possess _______ .

(a) a unique identifier, called email ID

(b) pen drive

(c) external hard disk

(d) DVD writer

19. The email ID of a person contains _______ parts.

(a) 2 

(b) 3

(c) 4 

(d) 5

20. In email communication, CC stands for _____.

(a) carbon copy

(b) cold coffee

(c) blind carbon copy

(d) casual copy

21. In email communication, BCC stands for _______.

(a) carbon copy

(b) cold coffee

(c) blind carbon copy

(d) casual copy

22. The email ID of the secondary recipient of email is entered in ______ field.

(a) To

 (b) CC

(c) BCC 

(d) Subject

23. The email ID of the anonymous recipient of email is entered in ______ field.

(a) To

 (b) CC 

(c) BCC 

(d) Subject

24. The crisp essence of email message is entered in ______ field.

(a) To

 (b) CC 

(c) BCC 

(d) Subject

25. The file attached to an email is called the _______ .

(a) content 

(b) attachment 

(c) subject

 (d) BCC

26. An email sent from unknown persons for improving the sale, image, appeal or other characteristics of a product is called _____.

(a) Junk 

(b) Important

 (c) Virus

 (d) Trojan

27. ______ mail refers to e-mail messages sent by an unknown sender, usually for commercial purposes.

(a) Junk

 (b) Important 

(c) Virus 

(d) Trojan

28. Unsolicited emails may be filtered and separated into _______ .

(a) spam bin 

(b) inbox 

(c) sent mails 

(d) draft

29. All emails sent by the user may be saved in _______ .

(a) spam bin 

(b) inbox 

(c) sent mails 

(d) draft

30. A half completed email may be saved for later editing and transmission to the receiver in ______ folder.

(a) spam bin 

(b) inbox 

(c) sent mails

 (d) draft

31. Before entering user ID and password, one should ensure that the browser displays ______ icon for safe communication with the server.

(a) print 

(b) lock 

(c) clock 

(d) lens

32. Logging into an email server from a dedicated application (APP) installed on a smartphone helps to _______ email messages.

(a) auto delete

(b) hide

(c) periodically check, retrieve and notify

(d) purge

33. It is a good practice to _______ email messages from unknown senders to avoid virus infection of computer.

(a) avoid opening attachments in

(b) open message and all attachments of

(c) sit looking for

(d) invite more spammers to send

34. Images and videos attached to a junk email may ______.

(a) contain anti-virus

(b) repair troubles in the operating system

(c) help fast working of computers

(d) contain trojens and virusses to attack a computer

35. Opening a new email ID requires entry of _______ in the email opening form.

(a) name and address

(b) date of birth and father name

(c) alternate email ID if necessary

(d) all of them

36. There are Four Scenarios in

a) Servers

b) Domains

c) IP

d) Email

37. In Email, We need two Vas and two pairs of MTAs, When sender is connected to mail server via

a) MTA and VTA

b) LAN and WAN

c) IP and SMS

d) Email and IP

38. Mail access starts with client when user needs to download e-mail from the

a) Mail Box

b) Mail Server

c) IP server

d) Internet

39. When sender and receiver of an e-mail are on same system, we need only two

a) IP

b) Domain

c) Servers

d) User Agents

40. At beginning of Internet era, messages sent by electronic mail were short and consisted of

a) Words only

b) Line only

c) Text Only

d) Numbers Only

41. When the mail server sends mail to other mail servers it becomes _______

a) SMTP server

b) SMTP client

c) Peer

d) None of these

42. If you have to send multimedia data over SMTP it has to be encoded into ______

a) Binary 

b) Signal


d) None of these

43. In SMTP, the command to write receivers mail to write receivers mail address is written this command




d) None of these

44. The underlying Transport layer protocol used by SMTP is

a) TCP

b) UDP

c) Either A or B

d) None of these

45. Choose the statement which is wrong incase of SMTP

a) It requires message to be in 7bit ASCII format

b) It is a pull protocol

c) It transfers files from one mail server to another mail server

d) None of these

46. Internet mail places each object in

a) Separate messages for each object

b) One message

c) Varies with numbers of objects

d) None of these

47. Typically the TCP port used by SMTP is

a) 25

b) 35

c) 50

d) 15

48. A session may include

a) Zero or more SMTP transactions

b) Exactly one SMTP transactions

c) Always more than one SMTP transactions

d) Number of SMTP transactions can‘t be determined

49. Example of user agents for e-mail

a) Microsoft Outlook

b) Apple Mail

c) Both A and B

d) None of these

50. When the sender and the receiver of an email are on different systems, we need only _____

a) One MTA

b) Two UAs

c) Two UAs and one pair of MTAs

d) Two UAs and Two pairs of MTAs


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