Mother Board MCQ For HPSSC JOA IT Exam


Mother Board MCQ For HPSSC JOA IT Exam

1. Bus word take from latin word __________means for all.

a) Mini 

b) Omnibus 

c) Vehicle 

d) None of these

2. CMOS is a type of RAM, which is constantly powered by _____.

(a) UPS battery 

(b) CMOS battery

(c) AC main

 (d) AA battery

3. In motherboard, BIOS is expanded as _____.

(a) Beginner Input Output System

(b) Bit Input Output System

(c) Basic Input Output System

(d) Basic Input Output Syntax

4. In motherboard, CNR stands for ______.

(a) Communication & Network Riser 

(b) Contact & Network Riser

(c) Communication & Network Ripper

 (d) Complementary & Networking Riser

5. In motherboard, AGP stands for ______.

(a) Automated Graphics Port

 (b) Accelerated Graphics Point

(c) Audio Graphics Port

 (d) Accelerated Graphics Port

6. In motherboard, SATA stands for ______.

(a) Serial Advanced Technology Attachment

(b) Synchronous Advanced Technology Attachment

(c) Synaptic Advanced Technology Attachment

(d) Systematic Advanced Technology Attachment

7. In motherboard, ___ chipset takes care of data transfer to and from the processor.

(a) Southbridge 

(b) Eastbridge

(c) Northbridge 

(d) Westbridge

8. In motherboard, _______ chipset takes care of data transfer to and from the secondary storage devices (like hard disk, CD/DVD drive, etc.).

(a) Southbridge 

(b) Eastbridge

 (c) Northbridge 

(d) Westbridge

9. Missing slot covers on a computer can cause?

a) over heat 

b) power surges

c) incomplete path for ESD

 d) None of these

10. Which motherboard form factor use 120 pin connector?

a) ATX

b) AT


d) All of these

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11. Which type of system board is the MOST likely candidate for processor upgrading if you want maximum performance and future compatibility?

a) ML

b) PCI

c) ISA


12. Which would you have to upgrade to install an EIDE drive?


b) A 286 CPU

c) Controller board

d) ISA motherboard

13. The DC voltage on most circuit board is:

a) -12 volts

 b) 0 volts

c) + 5 volts 

d) +12 volts

14. Which of the following handles the interconnection between most of the devices and the CPU?

a) Northbridge

 b) RAM

 c) ROM 

d) Southbridge

15. Where does the motherboard store the keyboard controller support program?


b) hard drive

c) RAM

d) ROM chip

16. Which chip acts as a clock to keep the current date and the time?



c) RAM

d) ROM

17. Which chip is used to store information that describes specific device parameters?


 b) CMOS 

c) ROM 

d) System BIOS

18. How can you easily clear the CMOS, including clearing the password?

a) Unplug the PC

b) Unplug the PC and remove the CMOS battery

c) Issue a ClearCMOS command from the command line

d) This can‘t be done

19. When does the CMOS password appear?

a) after the windows desktop appears

b) at power on

c) right before the windows login screen

d) when windows appears

20. Several lines at the end of POST are used to find the operating system. What is this called?


b) Flash ROM

c) bootstrap loader

d) boot.ini

21. On PC power supplies, the wire attached to pin one is usually:

a) blue or red 

b) blue or white

c) red or black

 d) white or orange

22. When seeking to upgrade for a particular motherboard what do you need to know?

a) memory 

b) hard drive

c) make & model 

d) dimm

23. WRAM is used on a

a) modem 

b) video card 

c) motherboard 

d) ata connector

24. The communication device that allows the computer to access a network is called a ____card.

a) modem

b) video

c) sound

d) network

25. A computer electronic circuit with transistors and other electronic components on a small silicon chip is called a(n)…..

a) workstation 

b) CPU 

c) magnetic disk 

d) integrated circuit

26. _____ connects the computer to the network media.

a) cable 

b) hub 

c) NI 

d) terminator

27. A personal computer uses a number of chips mounted on a circuit board called

a) Microprocessor

b) System Board

c) Daughter Board

d) Mother Board

28. In computer, standard which governs parallel communication is

a) RS-232

b) RS-232a

c) CAT 5

d) IEEE 1284


29. The 34-pin connection on an I/O card is for

a) floppy drive

 b) SCSI drive

c) IDE drive 

d) zip drive

30. Computer expansion slots connects the interface cards to the

a) ports

 b) peripheral devices

 c) mother board 

d) system bus

31. A port of computer may be connected to

a) expansion card 

b) CPU 

c) mother board 

d) Both A and C

32. In a computer, expansion cards are inserted into

a) slots of CPU 

b) peripheral devices

c) hard disk of CPU

 d) back of monitor

33. PCB stands for_______

a) print current board 

b) printed circuit board

c) power circuit board

 d) None Of these

34. In a desktop computer, the board containing micro-processor, RAM and other components is called _____board.

(a) graphics 

(b) mother

(c) white 

(d) None Of These

35. CMOS in motherboard is expanded as ______.

(a) Customary Metal Oxide Semiconductor

(b) Complementary Mineral Oxide Semiconductor

(c) Complete Metal Oxide Semiconductor

(d) Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor

36. In motherboard, PATA stands for ______.

(a) Peripheral Advanced Technology Attachment

 (b) Port Advanced Technology Attachment

(c) Parallel Advanced Technology Attachment 

(d) Part Advanced Technology Attachment

37. The Backbone of computer is called ____

a) Heetson

 b) Motherboard

 c) SMPS 

d) Monitor

38. What is motherboard?

a) Scanner and other things are part of motherboard

b) Keyboard otherwise known as motherboard

c) A circuit board which connects all the elements

d) It is a type of file server

39. Boards that are used to connect additional devices to the motherboard are called

a) Bay cards 

b) Port cards

c) Expansion cards 

d) Bus cards

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