MS Publisher MCQ For HPSSC JOA IT Exam


MS Publisher MCQ For HPSSC JOA IT Exam


MS Publisher MCQ For HPSSC JOA IT Exam

1. Which menu item do I use to format my font styles and paragraph settings?

a) File

b) Home

c) Insert

d) View

2. Why is it best not to use too much WordArt?

a) It becomes blurry and difficult

b) You can never use too much WordArt

c) Too much means it loses its effects & clutters your document

d) The faster your computer, the slower the display will update

3. When a publisher object is selected, _____ appears around the object

a) A red checkered border

b) A light blue dashed line

c) A line with Multiple handles

d) Arrows

4. This is one thing you can‘t create with MS Publisher

a) Brochure

b) Greeting Cards

c) Spreadsheet

d) Flyer

5. Is it possible to create a trifold brochure using MS Word?

a) Yes

 b) No

6. How could you send out a colorful message about an upcoming company picnic?

a) create a flyer in Publisher 

b) create flyer in PowerPoint

c) create a trl fold brochure in Publisher 

d) create a flyer in Excel

7. You want an image to go behind the text on your brochure, which command do you use?

a) Align 

b) Bring forward

c) Send backward

 d) Rotate

8. Does Publisher and Word have similar navigation ribbons?

a) Yes

 b) No

9. MS Publisher has many procreated documents that you can edit. These are called…

a) edits 

b) templates

c) slides 

d) images

10. Using white text on a black background is considered _______

a) Alignment

b) Proximity

c) Contrast

d) Black and white

11. Heetson wants his neighborhood baby sitting clients to remember his and have quick access to

his phone number whenever they are in need of a babysitter. Which publication should she use?

a) brochure

b) business card

c) newsletter

d) flyer

12. Heetson wants to advertise the upcoming blood drive at his school. Which publication should she use?

a) brochure

b) business card

c) newsletter

d) flyer

13. Heetson wants to send a professionally prepared communication to potential client to introduce himself, provide contact information, and describe his web development services

a) Brochure

b) letterhead

c) newsletter

d) flyer

14. Heetson is the communications specialist for his Boy Scout troop. He wants to send monthly updates to the members of his troop and their parents about recent activities, make announcements about honors some of the members have received, and provide information about upcoming events. Which publication should he use?

a) newsletter 

b) business card

c) letterhead 

d) flyer

15. The line spacing button is located in the ____ group on the Home tab/ menu item

a) Styles

 b) Paragraph

c) Font 

d) Clipboard

16. You can change the color schema of a publication file by selecting a schema from the ____ gallery.

a) Picture

 b) Task 

c) Customize

 d) Color

17. If you want to remove a portion of the picture, you can use the ___ tool.

a) Cut

 b) Copy

 c) Crop

 d) Delete

18. What arrow do you look for when you want to add a column or a row to a table

a) White arrow

b) Solid black arrow

c) Double sided arrow

d) Back arrow

19. What does the blue dotted border represent on a publication?

a) Margin

b) Border

c) Frame

d) Design

20. What do you do if a text is in front of a picture and you want it behind?

a) Move it behind text

b) Delete it

c) Send backward

d) Move it away from the picture

21. Microsoft Publisher is a

a) Web Browser

b) Operating System

c) Desktop Publishing Program

d) Word Processor

22. Which of the following should Publisher NOT be used for?

a) Designing a flyer

 b) Creating a Holiday Card

c) Designing a newsletter 

d) Calculating money

23. A graphic may be ____ to remove a portion and customize for a publication.

a) Cropped 

b) Cut 

c) Purged

 d) Trimmed

24. What is the advantage of using MS Publisher instead of Word?

a) It is less complicated

b) It works on all devices

c) There are many templates for easy project creation

d) All of these

25. This Spelling command in Publisher will indicate possible misspellings by a _____ under the word

a) Green dashed line

 b) Blue outline

c) Yellow dotted line

 d) Wavy red line

26. Which file extension is correct for MS Publisher?

a) .pub 

b) .doc

 c) .ppt

 d) .xls

27. At the top of the window, you will see the name of the current publication you have open.

a) Quick Access Toolbar

 b) Title bar

c) Status bar

 d) Zooming Scale


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