WebPages MCQ For HPSSC JOA IT Exam

WebPages MCQ For HPSSC JOA IT Exam

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WebPages MCQ For HPSSC JOA IT Exam

 1. Website is a collection of

a) HTML documents

b) Graphic files

c) Audio and video files

d) All of these

2. A _____ is the simplest form of website, in which the site‘s content is delivered without the use of server side processing.

a) Dynamic Website

b) E-Commerce Website

c) Static website

d) Social Networking Website

3. WordPress can be called as ______.

a) Content Manager of Website

b) Static Website

c) Dynamic Website

d) E-Commerce Website

4. Which of the following website type is used to create beautiful animation?

a) Dynamic

b) E-Commerce

c) Static

d) Flash

5. Flash is proprietary software developed by ______.

a) Yahoo

b) Macromedia

c) Google

d) Sencha

6. Website used to sell and buy something are categorized under _____.

a) Search engine 

b) Social Networking

c) E-Commerce Website

 d) Entertainment Sites

7. Which of the following is example of micro blogging?

a) Facebook

 b) Twitter

c) Orkut 

d) Google+

8. Which of the following is not used as blogging platform?

a) WordPress

 b) TypePad

c) Pinterest 

d) Blogger

9. ______ programs are automatically loaded and operates as a part of browser.

a) Add-ons

b) Utilities

c) Widgets

d) Plug-ins

10. Which of the following language is used to write animation and games in browser?


 b) C Programming 

c) Java 

d) None of these

11. ______ programs automatically connects to web sites and download documents and save them to local drive.

a) Web Downloading Utilities 

b) Offline Browsers

c) Web Servers 

d) None of these

12. What is a CMS in web design

a) Content Management System

b) Creative Management System

c) Content Mixing System

d) Creative Managerial System

13. Which of the following statements is false

a) You can make a website without using HTML

b) You can make a website without using PHP

c) You can make a website without CSS

d) You can make a website without using JavaScript

14. What does CSS stand for_____

a) Current style sheets

b) Current Sheets style

c) Cascading Style Sheets

d) Cascading Sheets Style

15. What is WordPress?

a) It is a software used to press text

b) It is a text formatting software

c) It is a CMS (Content Management System)

d) It is mail service

16. SQL stands for

a) Structured Query language

b) Statistical Query Language

c) Superior Questions Lot

d) Standard Query Lot

17. Which of the following is true about JavaScript?

a) It is a server side scripting language

b) It is client side scripting language

c) It is a Software

d) It is a database

18. Which of the following is true about PHP

a) It is a server side scripting language

b) It is client side scripting language

c) It is a Software

d) It is a database

19. Which of the following is true?

a) You need a server to host your website files

b) You don‘t need a server to host your website files

c) You can create a website without using HTML

d) You can‘t create a website without a CMS

20. Which of the following software could be used to build a website?

a) PowerPoint

b) Excel

c) Dream Weaver

d) ERP

21. Which of the following is not a CMS

a) WordPress

b) Drupal

c) Magneto

d) SAP

22. Which of the following is not a web hosting company

a) Hostgator 

b) Blue Host

c) WPX Hosting

 d) Facebook

23. Which of the following statements is true?

a) The web designer shouldn‘t just be concerned about the looks but also about user interface

b) Usability is very important in web design

c) A and B

d) None of these

24. Sites like facebook, twitter etc come under the scope of?

a) Email platform 

b) Chat rooms

c) Search engines 

d) Social networking

25. A _____ is a document commonly written and is accessible through the internet or other network using a browser?

a) Accounts

b) Data

c) Web page

d) Search engine

26. The pages that could not be modified are called _____?

a) Static

b) Dynamic

c) Immovable

d) None of these

27. The feature of dynamic pages is that?

a) The cannot be modified

 b) The can be modified

c) Both A and B 

d) None of these

28. When visiting unprotected websites, the lock icon is shown with ______ .

(a) red X to denote unsafe connection

(b) Green tick to denote safe connection

(c) both a and b

(d) none of them

29. Clicking on links from untrusted search engines might take an innocent user to ______.

(a) video sharing websites

(b) audio streaming web sites

(c) social media websites

(d) hackers web site which extracts login ID and password

30. Most of the social media websites require ______ as user ID.

(a) Postal code

(b) PAN number

(c) email address

(d) Aadhar ID number

31. Wordpress files need to be copied to ______ to start creating a website.

(a) Documents

(b) root directory of the web server

(c) Downloads

(d) Pictures

32. The First page that you normally view at a Website is its:

a) Home page 

b) Master page

c) First page 

d) None of these

33. HTML is used to create

a) machine language program

b) high level program

c) Web page

d) web server

34. Moving from one website to another is called:

a) Downloading

b) Browsing

c) Uploading

d) Attachment

35. A web address is also called a _____

a) URL

 b) ULR

c) RLU 

d) LUR

36. Amazon is a best example of ____ site.

a) E-Commerce

b) Blogging

c) Social Networking

d) Entertainment

37. Websites used for building network with friends and relatives is called as ______.

a) E-Commerce

b) Net Banking

c) Blogging

d) Social Networking

38. Google is an example of _____

a) Search Engine

b) Entertainment

c) Social Network

d) None of these

39. Software which allows user to view the webpage is called as ______.

a) Internet Browser

 b) Operating System

c) Website 

d) Interpreter

40. To make your website mobile friendly, you can make your website

a) Responsive

b) Reactive

c) Fast Loading

d) Light

41. A ______ is a unique name that identifies a website.


b) Scroll name

c) Domain name

d) Register name

42. Web pages are of how many types?

a) 3

b) 2

c) 4

d) 5


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