Wordpad MCQ For HPSSC JOA IT Exam


Wordpad MCQ For HPSSC JOA IT Exam

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Wordpad MCQ For HPSSC JOA IT Exam

1. How many types of alignment available in word pad?

a) 1 

b) 2 

c) 3 

d) 4

2. What is the Default file extension of Wordpad?

a) .rtf

 b) .pdf 

c) .docx 

d) .pptx

3. In Wordpad .rtf stands for ____

a) Rich text file 

b) rich text format

 c) Real text file

 d) None of these

4. In wordpad Home and view is called ?

a) Group 

b) Tab 

c) Alignment

 d) None of these

5. If you copy and cut the text in Word pad they temporary stored in ____

a) Clipboard

 b) Format Painter 

c) Hard Disk 

d) Footer

6. What is Maximum Zoom size in Wordpad?

a) 500 

b) 400

 c) 300 

d) 200

7. What is Minimum Zoom size in Wordpad ?

a) 10

 b) 5

 c) 34 

d) 100

8. What is the shortcut key for special paste in wordpad?

a) Alt + Ctrl + V

 b) Ctrl + V 

c) Ctrl + Shift + V 

d) All of these

9. If you want to use another program inside the wordpad then which option will be use?

a) Insert Object

 b) Font 

c) Paragraph 

d) Replace

10. How many number of Text Highlight color is present.

a) 10 

b) 15 

c) 20 

d) 25

11. Word pad not contain this item of the group:

a) clipboard

 b) Font

 c) Paragraph

 d) Image

12. What is wordpad ?

a) Text editor

 b) hardware 

c) operating system 

d) None of these

13. Which is the first Text Highlighted Color in wordpad ?

a) Yellow

 b) Red

 c) Blue 

d) Black

14. Which short cut key is used to select all text in Word pad?

a) Ctrl + A

 b) Ctrl + S 

c) Ctrl + N 

d) Ctrl + D

15. What is the Default Font style in Word pad?

a) Arial 

b) Calibri 

c) Times New Roman 

d) Bold


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