Daily Current Affairs 20 April 2021 In English


Daily Current Affairs 20 April 2021 In English

Daily Current Affairs 20 April 2021

 Q 1.World Heritage World Day was celebrated on 18 April 2021 with which theme?

A. Complex Pasts: Diverse Futures

B. Shared Culture, Shared Heritage and Shared Responsibility

C. Rural Landscapes

D. None of these

Q2. Which medal has been won by Jhili Dalbehra of India in the 'Asian Weightlifting Championship 2021' held in Tashkent?

A. Silver Medal

B. Bronze Medal

C. Gold medal

D. None of these

Q3. Which country has recently started its first mega food park project in India?

A. France

B. Italy

C. Britain

D. Russia

Imp Points: -

  •  This food park has been started in Phanidhar in Mehsana district of Gujarat.
  • Capital of Italy - Rome
  •  President- Sergio Mattarella
  •  Prime Minister Mario Draghi
  •  Parliament - Parliament
  • Currency- Euro

Q4. Who is the co-founder of graphics and publishing software company 'Adobe Inc.' who died recently?

A. Gayde Chamrey

B. Edix Henry

C. John Warnak

D. Charles Geschke

Q5. Who has won the title of "Emilia-Romagna F1 and Prix 2021" held in Imola (Italy)?

A. Sebastian Vettel

B. Lewis Hamilton

C. Max Weppen

D. Lando Norris

Q6. Which Indian footballer, who was part of the Indian team that won the gold medal in the 1951 Asian Games, passed away recently?

A. Ahmed Hussain Lala

B. Muhammad Hassan

C. Hari Dev

D. Nageshwar Patkala

Q7. Indian Air Force Chief Rakesh Kumar Singh Bhadoria is on a five-day official visit to which country since 19 April 2021?

A. Japan

B. Fraas

C. South Korea

D. Uganda

Imp. Facts-

  •  Capital of France - Paris
  •  President- Emmanuel Macron
  •  Prime Minister-Jean Castex
  • Parliament - Parliament
  •  Currency- Euro and Franc

Q8. Which space agency created history by flying a helicopter weighing 1.8 kg on Mars on 19 April 2021?



C. Jaxa

D. Roskosmos

Imp. Facts-:

  •  The name of this helicopter is 'Ingenuity' which is named by Vanija Rupani, an Indian-origin student.
  • NASA- National Aeronautics and Space Administration
  •  Establishment - 29 July 1958
  •  Headquarters - Washington DC
  •  Acting Administrator - Steve Jurjic
  •  Acting Chief of Staff - Bhavya Lal
  • Motto- For The Benefit of All

Q 9. Which Ministry recently inaugurated three new initiatives / services of 'National Internet Exchange of India' (NIXI)?

A. Ministry of Science and Technology

B. Ministry of Information and Broadcasting

C. Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology

D. None of these

  • Three new initiatives of NIXI-:
  • IPv6 Expert Panel (IP Guru)
  • NIXI Academy
  • NIXI IP Injects

Q10. Recently which university researchers have developed ultra-white paint?

A. University of Delhi

B. Bombay University

C. Yale University

D. Purdue University

Imp. Facts:

  •  The old white pants were mainly made of calcium carbonate, while the new ultra-white paint was made using barium sulfate.

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Himachal Pradesh Current Affairs 20 April 2021

|| hp current affairs 20 April  2021 || hp 20 April 2021 current affairs ||

Question 1: - The work of the tourist center in Janjhali of Mandi is almost complete, on which many crores of rupees have been spent ??

Answer: -25.17 crore 

Question 2: - The maternal mortality rate in the state has come down to _______ per 100,000 live births ??

Answer: - 55


Question 3: - Recently who has honored Aishwarya, the contestant of National Youth Parliament?

Answer: - The Governor 

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