Daily Current Affairs 21 April 2021 In English


Daily Current Affairs 21 April 2021 In English 

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Daily Current Affairs 21 April 2021

Q 1. Which film director, who won the National Award for the 1987 short film 'Pani', passed away recently?

A. Sumitra Bhave

B. Anjali Tendulkar

C. Savitri Khandolkar

D. Soumya Nathan

Imp. Facts

  •  He won the Presidential Golden Lotus National Award for his last film 'Kaasav' (2016).
  • He made 'Bai' (1985- his first film); 'Devrai' (2004); 'Astu' (2013); 'Doghi' (1995); Also won National Awards for 'Vastupurush' (2002).

Q2. Recently the government has announced how much crore rupees to Indian vaccine manufacturer companies?

A. 9,500 crores

B. 4,500 crores

C. 8,000 crores

D. 12,000 crores

Q3. Who has won the title of tennis tournament 'Mote Kaalon 2021'?

A. Novak Djokovic

B. André Rublev

C. Stephanos Sitipas

D. Rafael Nadal

Q 4. In the 'Henley Passport Index' released on 17 April 2021, who is the top most powerful passport?

A. Japan

B. Singapore

C. Germany

D. South Korea

IMP Points

  •  Japan with 193 and Singapore with scores of 192 are placed first and second respectively.
  • India is ranked 84 with a score of 58.
  • In this list of 110 countries, Afghanistan is at the lowest (110th) position with a score of 26.
  • Among the neighboring countries, Pakistan is ranked 107th with 32 scores, Nepal is 103rd with 38 scores, Bangladesh is 100th with 41 scores and China 68th with 77 scores.

Q5. Who took over as Chairman and Managing Director of Small Industries Development Bank (SIDBI) on 19 April 2021?

A. Rajat Kumar Nambiar

B. Nathanu Das Sipohi

C. Ajay Kripal Bhandari

D. Shiva Subramaniam Raman

Imp. Facts:

  • SIDBI- Small Industries Development Bank of India
  •  Establishment - 2 April 1990
  •  Headquarters- Lucknow

Q 6. In the recently released "World Press Freedom Index, 2021", India is in which place?


B. 115th

C. 1088

D. 121st

Imp points

  • This index has been released by a non-profit organization 'Without Borders'.
  • The top 5 countries in this index - Norway (first), Finland (second), Sweden (third), Denmark (fourth) and Costa Rica (five) are ranked.
  • India's neighboring countries rank - Bhutan (65th), Maldives (72nd), Sri Lanka (127th), Nepal (106th), Bangladesh (152nd), China (177th) and Pakistan (145th).
  • Eritrea ranks at the bottom of the list of 180 countries.

Q7. Who has won the title of Spanish Football League "Copa Del Rey (2019-20)?

A. Real Sociedad

B. Bilbao

C. Barcelona

D. Real Madrid

Q 8. Recently "When was World Liver Day celebrated?

A. 21 April

B. 19 April

c. 20 April

D. 18 April

  • Theme of 2021- 'Keep your liver healthy and disease-free'

Q 9. Who has become the Chairman of Mobile Marketing Association India (MMA India)?

A. Amit Jain

B. Rekha Khanna

C. Sandeep Aggarwal

D. Surabhi Chatwal

Q10. Puma India has recently appointed its brand ambassador?

A. Washington Beautiful

B. Devdat Piedical

C. Jasprit Bumrah

D. Both A and B

Imp. Facts

  • Establishment of Puma - 1948
  •  Headquarters - Hönnerach, Germany
  • CEO-uit hea (Bjorn Gulden)

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