Himachal Pradesh Current Affairs April Month 2021 In English


Himachal Pradesh Current Affairs April Month 2021 In English

|| Himachal Pradesh Current Affairs April Month 2021 || HP Current Affairs April 2021 PDF || HP Current Affairs April 2021 In English ||

                             Himachal Pradesh Current Affairs April Month 2021 In English

 Question 1: - Recently who started 'Mera Jhanda-Mera Gaurav' program in Dharamshala on Tuesday ??

Answer: -Congress President Kuldeep Rathore

Question 2: - Under Shagun scheme, how many thousand rupees will be given to daughters of BPL families at the time of marriage?

Answer: -31 thousand

Question 3: - The limit of MLA priority schemes under RIDF under NABARD will increase from Rs. 120 crores to how many crores.  

 Answer: -135 crores

Question 4: -Who recently concluded the virtual snow festival of the country's longest snow festival in Lahaul Spiti ??

Answer: - Jairam Thakur 

Question 5: - Recently in Kullu district, a reading and writing campaign will be started in the first week of April, how many lakh rupees budget will be spent for this campaign ??

Answer: -21 lakh, 22 thousand 200 rupees

Question 6: - Recently, in which district, 6 examination centers have been built in the name of Savitri Bai Phule, the first female teacher and great social worker of the country?

Answer: - Hamirpur 

Question 7: - Which medal has been won by Himachal Pradesh Penchuck Silat Association General Secretary Jogindra Singh Azad in the 70 kg weight category of the master class's tedding event (Fight) ??

Answer: - Bronze medal

Question 8: - Recently in which medical college, respiratory medicine department has also started for respiratory and chest patients ??

Answer: -Nerchowk Medical College 

Question 9: - Who has recently become the new Chairman of the Public Service Commission?

Answer: - Ajay Kumar 

Question 10: - Which state has got Himachal in the category of states with more than 50 lakh population in Progressive Intervention Ranking ??

Answer: -First 

Question11: NTPC Group has recorded its highest ever generation of billion units of electricity in FY 2021 ??

A.311 Billion Units
B.314 Billion Units
C.312 Billion Units
D.313 Billion Units

Question 12: - Recently, elections are going to be held in Shimla State on April 7 for 4 Municipal Corporations and 6 Nagar Panchayats. How many EVMs will the State Election Commission use for this ??

A.294 EVM
B.292 EVM
C.295 EVM
D.296 EVM

Question 13: - How many million dollars will be spent on horticulture in the year 2021-22 in the main phase of the HP Shiva project.

A.70 million dollars
B.80 million dollars
C.90 million dollars
D.50 million dollars

Question 14: - How many million dollars will the Asian Development Bank support in the HP Shiva project for a total of $ 130 million ??

A.100 million dollars
B.150 million dollars
C.180 million dollars
D.160 million dollars

Question 15: - Recently who has become the first HRTC female driver to run a bus on an inter-state route ???

A. Shikha Thakur 
B. Seema Thakur 
C. Usha Thakur 
D. Neha Thakur 

Question 16: - Which is the first panchayat in Kangra district that has decided to initiate action against drug and liquor mafia?




D. Panchrukhi

Question 17: - In which place of Himachal Pradesh is the first state-of-the-art jail to be opened?

A. Bharmour




Question 18: - Shimla Municipal Corporation is planning to start an open-air gym in how many wards?





Question 19: - Which district administration has launched a booklet on waste management to make school children aware of solid waste management as a co-cognitive subject?

A. Mandi

B. Bilaspur



Question 20: - Which is the execution agency to build Girls Hostel in Government Polytechnic College Sundernagar?



C.Ambuja Cements Ltd

D. Larsen & Toubro Ltd

Question 21: - Which samaroh was organized by Himachal Pradesh Non-Non-Gazetted Employees Federation at Medical College Ner Chowk in Mandi?

A. Karmchari Samaroh

B.Abhinandan Samaroh

C.Him Pension Samaroh

D.HP employee Samaroh

Question 22: - Who is the Additional Chief Secretary, Excise and Taxation who has inaugurated training program on development of in-house analytical and data driven intelligence-based capabilities under GST wing?

A. Rakesh Sharma

B. RD Janartha

C. Anil kumar Khachi

D. Jagdish Chander Sharma

Question 23: - Which Kabaddi player of BBN of Himachal Pradesh has been selected for the India camp?

A. Surbhi Sharma

B. Ankita Chandel

C. Mahima Gautam

D. Prreti Dhiman

 Question 24: According to the data released by the Himachal Pradesh  Police, how many FIRs registered in Himachal Pradesh  are still  waiting for the completion of the investigation in the police stations  The
A. 10.02 percent
B. 15 percent
C. 17.4 percent
D.21.5 percent

Question 25: - Which team won the Women's Junior National Handball Competition
B.Himachal Pradesh
C.Uttar Pradesh

Question: 26 Which river in Himachal Pradesh will have the longest river rafting route in the country?

A.Parvati river

B.Beas River

C. Chandra River

D.Spiti river

Question: 27. At which place in Mandi district, a culture center is almost complete by spending an amount of 25.17 crores?





Question 28: - Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur chaired which meeting of Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Board?





Question 29: - What is the name of the government's program based on the ongoing activities and schemes in Himachal Pradesh?

A. Himachal Bulletin

B. News of Himachal

C. Himachal News

D. State activities

Question: 30 How much land is being cultivated in Himachal Pradesh at present?

A.1.12 lakh ha

B.2.32 lakh hectares

C.3.04 Lakh Hectares

D.4 lakh hectare

Question 31: Recently, how many people of the state have been advised by the Himachal government not to come to Himachal Pradesh without a Covid Report ??

A. 4
B. 5
C. 7
D. 8

|| Himachal Pradesh Current Affairs April Month 2021 || HP Current Affairs April 2021 PDF || HP Current Affairs April 2021 In English ||

Question 32: - The Union Sports Minister Kiran Rijiju has also announced to provide how many lakhs of goods for the open gym in Bhatiyat, Dalhousie and Bharmour ??

A. 25-25 lakhs
B.20-20 lakhs
C.15-15 lakhs
D. None of these 

Question 33: - How many states of the country had 88 participants in the Rally of Chamba ??

A. 12 
D. 18

Question 34: - Who has been the first place in the Motor Car Race at Rally of Chamba ??

A. Hemraj and Amandeep Rana
B. Deepak and Amandeep Rana
C. Sachin and Hemraj 
D. None of these 

Question 35: Recently, Dr. Kamaljit Singh Madhusudan Law University has been made the first Vice Chancellor of Cuttack (Odisha), whose district is he from?

A. Mandi 
B. Hamirpur 
C. Kullu 
D. None of these 

Question 36: - Recently, how many crores of projects have been laid in Swarghat?

Answer: - 37 crores 

Question 37: - How many crores of incentive funds has been received by the state under the Jal Jeevan Mission?

Answer: - 221.28 crores 

Question 38: - Recently who has assumed the chair of the first Mayor of Municipal Corporation Mandi ??

Answer: -Dipali Jaswal

Question 39: - Recently who has been elected Mayor of Palampur Municipal Corporation ??

Answer: - Poonam Bali

Question 40: - Recently which state will launch the Veerangana On Wheel Scheme?

Answer: - Himachal Pradesh 

Question 41: - NABARD has provided how many crores for the development of agriculture and rural area in Himachal during the year 2020-21?

Answer: -3349.35 crore

Question 42: - The honorarium of rupees for two months will be given to the third and fourth class personnel who provide services during the Kovid period.

B.2000  C.1500 D. 3000  

Question 43: - Recently, in the state, what percentage of exemption has been announced for three months in the passenger tax?

A. 50
B. 60
C. 40
D. 20

Question 44: -Which foundation day of Himachal Pradesh has been celebrated recently on 15 April 2021 ??

A. 72nd
B. 74th
C. 73rd
D. 75th

Question 45: - Recently, the first toll plaza of Fourlane in Himachal Pradesh has been ready in Sarwara, by whom is this toll plaza to be started ??

Answer: -National Highway Authority of India

Question 46: - Recently a student who has been in MSc postgraduate in Physics subject of Ghumarwin Swami Vivekananda Government College has the distinction of being selected as Assistant Researcher in Al Ain Abudhabi, Science College of UAE University ??

Answer: -Narendra Kumar

Question 47: - Which hospital has been ranked first under the National Health Mission Himachal Rejuvenation Award?

Answer: - Regional Hospital of Kinnour

Imp facts: -

  • Reward: -25 Lakh 
  • Second prize to CH Sarkaghat of Mandi district, 1500000, 
  • 3rd prize to CH Palampur of Kangra district, Rs.10000 

Question 48: - "Chalo Chamba Campaign 2021" is based on what ??

Answer: -Three 'A' means craft (craft), culture (culture) and cujinj (cuisine)

Question 49: - Who has recently announced the third meeting of Himachal Pradesh Gosewa Commission held in Shimla ??

Answer: - Virender Kanwar 

Question 50: - Recently, Urban Development Minister Suresh Bhardwaj released which issue of 'Samarika Samaj Kalyan' published by National Development Institute, Shimla in Shimla recently ??

Answer; - Six 

Question 51: - The work of tourist center in Janjhali of Mandi is almost complete, on which many crores of rupees have been spent ??

Answer: -25.17 crore 

Question 52: - The maternal mortality rate in the state has come down to _______ per 100,000 live births ??

Answer: - 55


Question 53: Who has recently honored Aishwarya, the contestant of the National Youth Parliament?

Answer: - The Governor 

Question 54: - Recently, how many two-wheelers have been found for women help desks set up in police stations in the state ??

Answer: -136 

Question 55: - Who has become the first state to give free text books from first to eighth grade?

Answer: - Himachal Pradesh 

Question 55: - What percentage of rebate will be given on state road tax till June

nswer: - 50 

Question 56: - How many farmers have benefited from the Chief Minister's Farm Protection Scheme in three years.

Answer: -3873

Question 57: - Under the Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Scheme, 1.36 lakh families were provided free gas connections in the state, on which how many crore rupees have been spent?

Answer: -21.76 crores

Question 58: - In which year was the state declared a smoke free state?

Answer: -December, 2019

Question 59: - How many crore rupees have been provided to 3,873 farmers under solar and barbed wire fencing under the Chief Minister's Farm Protection Scheme?

Answer: -105 crores

Question 60: - How many crore rupees have been provided to 100 beneficiaries under the Chief Minister Startup Scheme ??

Answer: -1.70 Crore

Question 61: - How many crore variable fund has been set up under the HIM Startup Scheme ??

Answer: -10 crores

Question 62: Recently, who has written five sons of Himachal Pradesh?

Answer: - Litterateur, social worker and retired officer of Information and Public Relations Department Shiv Singh Chauhan

Question 63: - Who released the book - Five sons of Himachal Pradesh written by retired writer Shiv Singh Chauhan from the litterateur, social worker and information and public relations department at Raj Bhavan, Shimla, in the last few days?

Answer: - Governor Bandaru Dattatreya

Question 64: - Jayaram Thakur on Monday inaugurated the maternal and child hospital built in Sundernagar of Mandi district at a cost of how many crore rupees ??

Answer: -12 crore

Question 65: - In which district, the service organization program has been started by BJP?

Answer: - District Kullu

|| Himachal Pradesh Current Affairs April Month 2021 || HP Current Affairs April 2021 PDF || HP Current Affairs April 2021 In English ||

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