Art Of Himachal Pradesh

 Art Of Himachal Pradesh

||Art Of Himachal Pradesh||Art Of HP||

Art and Culture of Himachal Pradesh is as old and ancient as the life in the state itself. The exquisite arts and crafts are presented in the form of temple architecture, metal sculpture, wooden panels, handlooms, shows and famous Chamba Rumals.

art of hp


The ancient art forms of Himachal Pradesh includes art on wood and stone by way of carvings and are influenced by many civilisations.

 Art in Himachal Pradesh 

The art of Himachal Pradesh can be broadly divided into three groups, sach as

 1. Khasas Art (Indigenous Art) 

2. Indo-Aryan Art 

3. Indo-Tibetan Art 

1. Khasas Art 

The earliest Aryans are also known as Khasis on Khas. Their art form is called Khasa art. This art is mostly done on woxdelen panels by carving figures of birds and animals on it. The temple roofs, doors and windows are decorated with Khasas art. Decodar wood is used to depict this art. The carliest carvings of Khasis art are also found in copper and silver coins of Audumbaras in 2 BC. Chamba and Kullu are main regions of this art. Some examples of this art are Lakshna Devi temple, Shakti Devi temple (Chambu). Mirkula Devi temple (Lahaul), Dakhni Mahadev temple (Kullu), Mayou Mahadev temple (Mandi) and Manan temple (Shimla). 

 2. Indo Aryan Art

 Art during the Gupta period that was also included by Buddhist influences is termed as Indo-Aryan art. Making of local deities, statues, temple walls and surroundings depicted this art form. It was done on stone. Another speciality is rock cut temples in which monoliths were cut and carved into temples. It is mostly found in Kangra. The post-Gupta period also included elaborate art forms in stone. Some examples of this art are Manni Mahesh temple (Bhammour), Trilaknath temple (Lahaul), Visheshwara Mahadev temple (Bajaura), Surya temple (Nirath near Rampur, Bushahr). Vaidynath temple (Baijnath, Kangra), Thakurwada temple (Masroos, Kangra) and Bajaura temple (Kallu). 

3. Indo-Tibetian Ar

t It has a mixture of Indo Aryan and Tibetian and Mangolian culture. It depicts religious forms like statue of Buddha in frescos, furniture and ceilings of Buddhist monasteries. It is seen in the trans Himalayan areas i.e. Kinnaur and Lahaul and Spiti. Some examples of this art are Kardang monastry, Nako monastry, Kungri Gompa (Lahaul and Spriti) and Sangla and Chitkul monastry (Kinnar). Architecture in Himachal Pradesh

||Art Of Himachal Pradesh||Art Of HP||

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