Aryans and himachal pradesh in English


Aryans and himachal pradesh in English

|| Aryans and himachal pradesh in English ||Arya and himachal pradesh in English||

Aryans and himachal pradesh in English

A branch of Aryans entered India via Central Asia. These were called Vedic Aryans. These people brought their livestock, deities and household items and proceeded towards the Sapta Indus region. Where it took 400 years for them to sink completely. The Vedic Aryans encountered the ancient inhabitants of Kol, Kirat and Naga caste, from Sapta Sindhu (Punjab) towards Shivalik. 

Shambar-Divodas war- The Dasyu king "Shambar" had 99 forts in the hills between Yamuna to Beas river. According to the Rigveda, there was a 40-year war between the Dasyu king Shambar and the Arya king Divodas. In the end, Divodas killed Shambar at a place called Udvaraj. The Aryans forced Kol, Kiratas and Nagas to move from the lower valleys to the inaccessible hills. Rishi Bharadwaj was the chief advisor to the Arya king Divodas.

 Khash and Arya- Khashs were also driven away by the Aryans towards the inaccessible hills which settled there, the Kharas merged or enslaved themselves.

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