Baudh Dharm MCQ Question Answer In English


Baudh Dharm MCQ Question Answer In English

|| Baudh Dharm MCQ In English || Baudh Dharm Question Answer In English ||

Baudh Dharm MCQ Question Answer In English

1. Tripitak is holy books

(A) Buddhists

(B) Jains

(C) Jews

(D) Sikhs

2. Whose saga is depicted in Ajanta murals? 

(A) Ramayana

(B) Jataka stories

(C) Shiva Purana 

(D) Panchatantra

3. What was the language of Buddha's teachings? 

(A) Bhojpuri

(B) Sanskrit

(C) Shift

(D) Magadhi

4. Match the events and associated sites of Mahatma Buddha's life?

(A) Place of birth (1) Lumbini

(B) Acquiring knowledge (2) Bodh Gaya

(C) First Sermon (3) Sarnath

(D) Attainment of Nirvana (4) Kushinagar

    (A) (B) (C) (D)

A 1 2 3 4

B 1 3 2 4

 C 4 2 3 1

D 3 2 1 4

5. When prince Siddharth Gautam (Future Buddha) was informed by a palace maid that he was blessed with a son, he simple uttered one word "Rahul" It means. (HP Naib Tehsildar (main) -2008)

(A) Bounty

(B) Bravo

(C) Bondage

(D) Benediction

6. "Dharma Chakra Pravartan" mentioned in Buddhist Lore is. (HP Naib Tehsildar (Main) -2008

(A) Buddha's Philosophy

(B) His First sermon delivered at Mrig-Daav

 (C) Religious ideas of Buddha

D) Budhist rituals

7. Which is a famous pilgrimage site of Jainism and Buddhism in Uttar Pradesh?

(A) Sarnath 

(B) Kushinagar

(C) Kaushambi

(D) Devipatan

8. Where is the first International Buddhist University of India being set up under a joint project of India-Sri Lanka?

(A) Mathura

(B) Mount Abu

(C) Gaya

(D) Sanchi

9. Which of the following is not representative of Buddhism?

(A) Stupa

(B) Vihar


(D) Souvenir tower

10. Who is described in the pictures of Ajanta?

(A) Jainism

(B) Buddhism

(C) Shaivism

 (D) Vaishnavism

11. Where was the third Buddhist assembly called? 

(A) Taxila

 (B) Pataliputra

(C) Ujjain

(D) Kashmir

12. Mahatma Buddha's teachings are mainly related to?

(A) Idolatry

(B) Belief in a God

(C) Accuracy of conduct of thought

(D) Belief in fatalism

13. According to Newar Buddhists, Deepawali is a Manglik day for Siddharma because?

(A) Siddharth Gautam received enlightenment on this day

(B) It is the birthday of Lord Buddha

(C) Emperor Ashoka took Buddhism on this day

(D) Emperor Ashoka sent his son Mahendra and daughter Sanghamitra to Sri Lanka on this day for Siddharma propaganda.

|| Baudh Dharm MCQ In English || Baudh Dharm Question Answer In English ||

 14. At what age did Gautama Buddha leave the house?

(A) 21

(B) 29

(C) 16

(D) 26

15. To whom is the Pali article generally related?

(A) Hindu

(B) Jain

(C) Buddhist

(D) Jewish

(B) Siddhartha

16. Which of the following was not a name of Buddha?

(A) Gautam Buddha

(B) Vardhaman

(C) Shakyamuni

17. Buddha's death is known

(A) from the Great Depression

 (B) Nirvana

(C) By conversion of religion 

(D) Mahaparinirvan

18. The 'first sermon' of Gautama Buddha is also known by this name.

(A) Nirvana

(B) knowledge

(C) Mahaparinirvan 

(D) Dharma Chakra

19. What was the name of the son of Gautama Buddha? 

(A) Rahul

(B) Rohit

(C) Rohan

(D) Raman

20. Where was the fourth Buddhist Mahasabha organized?

(A) Sarnath

(B) Gaya

(C) Prayag

(D) Kashmir

21. Who is known as Shakyamuni?

(A) Gautam Buddha

(B) Mahavir

(C) Vasistha

(D) Sandipani

22. Whose stone sculptures located in Bamiyan, which were destroyed by the Taliban, belonged to whom?

(A) Ram

(B) Shiva

(C) Buddha

(D) Mahaveer

23. Lumbini is the place of birth of Gautam Buddha.

(A) Bihar

(B) Sikkim

(C) Nepal

(D) Uttar Pradesh

24. Whose sacred books are 'Jataka'?

(A) Vaishnavas

(B) Jains

(C) Buddhists

(D) Shaivites

25. From which books or books are the sermons of Gautama Buddha presented?

(A) Jataka

(B) Ibidmatipatak

(C) Sutpitak

(D) Vinaypitaka

|| Baudh Dharm MCQ In English || Baudh Dharm Question Answer In English ||

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