Chamba Distt GK Question Answer In English

 Chamba Distt GK Question Answer In English

||chamba gk question answer ||chamba district gk question answer||

Chamba Distt GK Question Answer In English

Question 1: - Who established the city of Chamba in 1920 AD 

Answer- Sahil Varman.

Question 2: - Who was the last ruler of the princely state of Chamba? 

Answer- Laxman Singh.

Question 3: - Which state is related to Yogi Charapatnath?

Answer - Chamba.

Question 4: After whom did the King of Chamba Sahil Varman name the city of Chamba?

Answer - In the name of her daughter Champavati.

Question 5: - When was the Bhuri Singh Museum established in Chamba, Himachal Pradesh 

Answer-1908 AD

Question 6: - Which ruler of the Chamba princely state used the title Varman for the first time

Answer - Aditya Varman.

Question 7: - During the reign of which emperor Chamba painting got patronage

Answer - Raja Raj Singh.

Question 8: - Which king of Chamba refused to obey the decree of breaking Aurangzeb's temple.

Answer - Chattar Singh.

Question 9: - Which city of Himachal Pradesh recently completed 1000 years of its establishment.

Answer - Chamba.

Question 10: - In ancient times, where was the capital of the princely state of Chamba located?

Answer - Brahmapur.

Question 11: - Name the Mahatma who was the head of 84 sadhus and who gave the gift of 10 sons and one daughter to Sahil Varman, the king of Chamba. 

Answer: - Yogi Charpatnath.

Question 12: - In which district is Jatigiri tourist place located?

Answer - Chamba.

Question 13: - Lakshadshah Brahmin was related to which state 

Answer- Chamba.

Question 14: - In which district is the weaving of gurmas

Answer - Chamba.

Question 15: - In which district are the branches of the rural rural bank located? 

Answer- Chamba.

Question 16: - Churah is a part of which district 

Answer- Chamba.

Question 17: - Qilad is the headquarters of 

Answer - Pangi.

Question 18: - What is Shivbhumi in Himachal Pradesh?

Answer - Bharmour.

Question 19: Where is Ajit Singh Memorial

Answer - Panjpula (Dalhousie)

Question 20: - Pangi, Bharmour, Bhatiyat, Teesa, Churah, Saluni, Dalhousie, Rajgir are situated.

Answer - In Chamba.

Question 21: - Which European traveler Chamba came for the first time in 1839

Answer: - Vigne.

Question 22: - Which king of Chamba prohibited the sati of his queens 

Answer: - Ummed Singh.

Question 23: - Which king of Nurpur killed King Janardan of Chamba

Answer - Jagat Singh.

Question 24: - Who built the Gauri Shankar Temple of Chamba 

Answer - Tribhuvan Rekha Devi.

Question 25: - Built Narsingh Temple in Brahmapur.

Answer - Tribhuvan Rekha Devi.

Question 26: -The name of Sahil Varman's wife who sacrificed for water in Chamba was her name.

Answer - Naina Devi (Sunayana Devi)

Question 27: - Who brought his capital Chamba from Brahmapur in 920 AD 

Answer- Sahil Varman.

Question 28: - During which king of Chamba was the ban on killing rats? 

Answer- Musan Varman.

Question 29: - Chamba had the title of kings.

Answer -Varman.

Question 30: - Which style of painting developed in Chamba 

Answer - Basoli style.

Question 31: - Bhuri Singh Museum was established in 1908. 

Answer- Raja Bhuri Singh.

Question 32: - When did Lord Curzon come to Chamba with his wife?

Answer - 1 September, 1900 A.D.

Question 33: - Agricultural movement took place in Bhatiyat of Chamba.

Answer - In 1896.

Question 34: - Headquarters of Chamba Praja Suraksha League was established in 1932 AD.

Answer - In Lahore.

Question 35: In 1876, the land reforms started in Chamba.

Answer - Cornal reed.

Question 36: - Chamba has fruit improvement unit 

Answer- In Rajpura.

Question 37: - In which place of the Chamba weaving center is situated? 

Answer- In Dalhousie.

Question 38: - Primary School and Post Office opened in Chamba.

Answer - In 1863.

Question 39: - Sham Singh Hospital opened in Chamba.

Answer - In 1891.

Question 40: - Who was appointed the teacher of Raja Sham Singh of Chamba?

Answer - John Harry in 1878.

Question 41: - Tannuhatti is located. 

Answer- In Chamba district.

Question 42: - The king of which princely state was the first. Had hydroelectric construction done in

Answer - Chamba.

Question 43: In which district is Bhatiyat

Answer - Chamba.

Question 44: - Who suggested Raja Sahil Varman to establish Chamba capital from Bharmour.

Answer- Yogi Charpatnath 

Question 45: - According to the rock articles of Pago, which king of Chamba retained the Lahaul valley during 1105 AD.

Answer- Jasata Varman 

||chamba gk question answer ||chamba district gk question answer||

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