Child Development One Liner For TET Exam in English


Child Development One Liner For TET Exam in English

Child Development Concept pf Growth and development, principle, dimensionand factor affecting One Liner for HPTET Exam || Child Development One Liner for CTET Exam ||

Child Development One Liner For TET Exam in English

  • Psychologists have divided child development into three parts from an educational point of view: - 1. Infancy 2. Childhood 3. Adolescence.
  • Stage of early socialization process -shaiswavstha
  • The height of a newborn (height) - 19.5 inches
  •  A newborn baby weighs -7 pounds
  • Childhood is said to be the ideal time to learn - Valentin
  • Fastest physical development takes place - in childhood
  • The process of development takes place - from childhood to life, growth in infancy: - It is pungent.
  • Activities from birth to adolescence - called child psychology
  •  In childhood, there are four emotions - fear, anger, love, suffering
  • The whole sequence of life is determined by infancy, it is said - Adler
  • Everything a man has to become. It is made in four to five years of commencement, Kadhan - Singam Freud
  • Childhood is called the child's period.
  • The number of bones in the newborn is approximately - 270
  • In which stage is the tendency to repeat - acute childhood
  • According to Freud, which gland is found in girls - Electra gland
  •  The average length of the baby at birth is -51.5 cm.
  •  The weight of a newborn baby is approximately - 3 kg
  • In how many years all the milk teeth come out: -1 
  •  Baby has a heartbeat at birth - irregular
  • What elements are found in bones - calcium, phosphorus and mineral elements
  •  How old a child starts using meaningful words - 3 years
  •  The process of child development and development begins - from birth or prenatal.
  • Dalton is the father of the system - Miss Helen Parkhurst
  •  The main psychological feature of infancy is basic behavioral behavior.
  • The period of tangible operational state is -7 years to 11 years
  •  According to psychologists, at what age should the six children be sent to school : -5 years
  •  Milk teeth are -20
  •  At birth the weight of baby's brain is - 350 grams
  • "The child has emotional development in infancy" - stimulating
  • The age of childhood is - 6-12 years
  •  Childhood is child- centered
  •  Education method based on action and sports is - Montessori teaching method
  •  The nature of sports in childhood should be - collective
  •  In childhood, the child has contact with adult homosexuals.
  •  The major psychological feature of childhood is - sense of collectivity
  •  The key feature of childhood is the intensity of learning, relatively stable development process, realistic approach.
  •  Language development of girls is ahead of boys - in childhood
  • Bones develop - up to 16 years
  •  Aged from 12 years to 18 years - adolescence 
  •  Pre-adolescence - 12 to 16 years
  •  Post-adolescence - 17 to 19 years
  •  Adolescence is a stage of great stress, tension, storm and conflict, it is said - Stanley Hall
  • The period of very rapid and rapid development is pre-adolescence.
  • Emotions often occur in teens - more aggressive
  • "Kishore represents the power and future hope of the present." -Crow and Crow
  • Teens say in English - Adolescence
  •  At what stage in emotional development changes rapidly - adolescence
  • What time does maturity come in the social system - adolescence
  •  One word that best expresses the characteristics of adolescence is -Change
  •  The major psychological feature of adolescence is - lack of stability and adjustment due to full emotional development.
  •  Adolescence is not a major feature - tendency to accumulate
  • The word impulse literally means - turmoil in excitement or emotion.
  • Under what conditions do impulses produce three conditions - adolescence
  •  Strength and sensitivity, observation, suffixation, memory, meditation, imagination, thinking, intelligence, reasoning, etc. have to be increased - mental development
  •  When the emotion related to fear and anger starts developing in a baby - in a year
  •  The statement is not correct with reference to the conception period - the pace of development is slow in pregnancy.
  •  Development is a never ending process. This idea is related - the principle of continuity
  •  Called the age of toys - pre-childhood
  •  Development means - a series of changes that occur as a result of maturity and experience
  •  According to psychology, the most complex stage of child development is - adolescence.
  •  The state in which the feeling of shame and pride develops is - childhood
  •  The main feature of childhood is not - the process of thinking
  • Childhood is in phase - up to twelve years
  •  Growth and development means growth in size, thinking, understanding and skills.
  •  For which stage is the project method of learning useful - childhood, pre-childhood, adolescence
  • According to the Siddhanta theory of the development of the child, the truth is - Development goes from head to foot.
  •  Vygotsky has said about child development - it is the product of social response
  • The principle of development is - not all growth rate is equal
  • Human development can be divided into areas - physical, cognitive, emotional and social
  • Which period of development has been called the 'period of extreme pressure and tension' - adolescence
  • 'Children study hard for their growth and development, this is the opinion - Maslow
  • The major psychological feature of infancy is the effect of genetic tendency.
  • The tendency to love oneself is called - Narcissism
  • Development moves from .......... - general-specific
  • Which type of development is related to concentration and creativity - intellectual development
  •  Play an important role in mental growth and development - both learning and maturation
  • Understanding the principles of development of the child helps the teacher - effectively in addressing different learning styles of the learners.
Child Development Concept pf Growthand development, principle, dimensionand factor affecting One Liner for HPTET Exam || Child Development One Liner for CTET Exam ||

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