Daily Current Affairs 02 May 2021 In English


Daily Current Affairs 02 May 2021 In English

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Daily Current Affairs 02 May 2021

Q1. Who became the first country to allow the use of driverless cars (automatic cars) on the roads?




D. Japan

Q 2. When is "International Labor Day" celebrated every year?

A. 02 May

B. 01 May

C .03 May

D. 04 May

Q3. Who among the following has recently been appointed Managing Director and CEO of Axis Bank for the second consecutive time?

A. Amitabh Chaudhary

B. Amitabh Kant

C. Dinesh Kumar Khara

D. Atanu Chakraborty

Q 4. In which of the following states the campaign named "Oxygen on Wheels" has been started?

A. Punjab

B. Bihar

C. Haryana

D. Himachal Pradesh

 Q 5. The Government of India has recently approved the purchase of how many portable oxygen concentrators using the PM Cares Fund?

A. one million

B. four lakhs

C. five million

D. One Lakh

Q 6. Recently which country has launched a robot prototype named "NEO-01" for the purpose of removing debris from space?

A. India

B. China


D. Japan

Q7. "MACS 1407" is a variety of which crop recently developed by Indian scientists?

A. Wheat

B. Rice

C. Maize

D. Soybin

Q 8. TRIFED has recently entered into an agreement with whom to work towards tribal development?

A. The Link Fund

B. Google

C. Microsoft

D. Facebook

Q 9. Recently India and which non-Kwai country has announced to establish "2 + 2 ministerial dialogue"?

A. France

B. Germany

C. Bangladesh

D. Japan

Q 10. Which player has recently won the women's singles title in "Porsche Grand Prix Tennis Tournament 2021"?

A. Serena Williams

B. Ashley Barty

C. Aryana Sabaleka

D. Naomi Osaka

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Himachal Pradesh Current Affairs 02 May 2021 in English

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Question 1: - Anmol Dhiman of Bilaspur has recently acted as a cinematographer in which Bollywood film ??

Answer: - 'BA Pass-3'

Question 2: - Recently, the state government has promoted whom to the post of Engineer-in-Chief of Public Works Department?

Answer: -Sanjeev Sharma

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