Daily Current Affairs 18 May 2021 In English


Daily Current Affairs 18 May 2021  In English

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Daily Current Affairs 18 May 2021

Question 1: - Recently when the book "Sikkim: A History of Intrigue and Alliance (Sikkim: A History of Intrigue and Alliance)" published by HarperCollins India has been released ??

A. 17 Mi
B.18 Mi
C.16 Mi
D.15 Mi

Question 2: - Who has won the 10th Italian Open title recently ??

A. Rafael Nadal
B. Novak Djokovic
C. Rohan Bopanna
D. None of these 

Question 3: - Sixth United Nations Global Traffic Safety Week, which is celebrated between 17 and 23 May this year, calls for the maximum speed limit for cities, towns and villages around the world. ??

A.40 km / h (30 mph)
B.30 km / h (40 mph)
C.30 km / h (20 mph)
D. None of these 

Question 4: - Recently who has been appointed as Senior Advisor to US President Joe Biden ??

A. Neera Tandon
B. Deepika Tandon 
C. Supriya Tandon 
D. None of these 

Question 5: - Recently who has announced the creation of a new award - Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Social Justice Champion Award - to honor the players who advance in the fight for social justice ??

C. None of these

Q 6. Which Indian has been awarded the "Whitley Awards" for 2021?

A. Sengam Charu

B. Nuku Foam

C. Fuma cotton

D. Lejma Phony

Q7. What has been 'Taukate or Taukate', which has been in the headlines recently?

A. Software

B. New Metal

C. cyclonic storm

D. Supercomputer

Q8. When is World Hypertension Day celebrated all over the world?

A. 18 May

B. 19 May

C. 15 May

D.17 May

 Q9. Who has become the second country in the world to land a rover on Mars?

A. China

B. America

C. Russia

D. United Arab Emirates

Q10. Who has been appointed the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of footwear company Bata India?

A. Nariman Rathore

B. Gunjan Shah

C. Shams Bahadur

D. None of these

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Himachal Pradesh Current Affairs 18 May 2021

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Question 1: - Recently, which state government has started 'Ayush Ghar-Dwar' program?

Answer: - Himachal Pradesh 

Question 2: - Recently, how many crore rupees have been sanctioned to Himachal Pradesh under the Water Life Mission?

Answer: -1262.79 crores

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