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Daily Current Affairs 23 May 2021 In English


Daily Current Affairs 23 May 2021 In English 

|| National Current Affairs 23 May   2021 || International Cu rre nt Affairs 23 May 2021 || Himachal Pradesh Current Affairs 23 May  2021 ||  

Daily Current Affairs 23 May 2021 In English

Q1. Which environmentalist who led the world famous 'Chipko movement' died on 21 May 2021?

A. Sunderlal Bahuguna

B. Sundar Srivastava

C. Jayalal Shah Kanu

D. Narayan Lal Sahni

Q 2. Who became the first Spanish team to win the 'UEFA Women's Champions League 2020-21'?

A. Chelsea Women

B. Barcelona Women

C. Bayern Women

D. Paris Woman

Q3. Which company has recently launched a new education technology startup 'Hero Wired'?

A. Tata Group

B. Reliance Group

C. Hero Group

D. Mahindra Yup

Q4. When is the International Day for Biological Diversity celebrated each year?

A. 24 May

B. 25 May

C. 23 May

D. 22 May

Q 5. Recently at which place it has been announced to establish a 'National Institute of Medicinal Plants'?

A. Nashik

B. Pune

C. Sindhudurg

D. Nagpur

Q 6. Microsoft has announced to discontinue its iconic browser Internet Explorer '(IE) from 15 June 2022, when was this browser launched?

A. 1995

B. 1999

C. 1997

D. 2001

 Q7. The Central Government has recently announced a financial assistance of 1,000 crores to which state affected by the cyclone 'Taukatae'?

A. Goa

B. Gujarat

C. Kerala

D. Odisha

 Q8. Which country has announced its exit from the FIFA World Cup 2022 due to the corona epidemic?

A. India

B. South Korea

C. China

D. North Korea

Q9. Who became the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of 'Star Union Dai Ichi Life Insurance' Company?

A. Abhay Tiwari

B. Rajesh Chandan

C. Manikrao Nandan

D. None of these

Q10. FIFA has announced to organize 'Under-17 Women's World Cup' in 2022 in which country?

A. China

B. India

C. Russia

D. Japan

 Q11. Who has launched "Mission Oxygen Self-Reliance Scheme" to give special impetus to oxygen producing industries?

A. Uttarakhand

B. Bihar

C. Maharashtra

D. Delhi

Q 12. Recently the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has announced how many billion dollars cost for global vaccination?

A. 20 billion dollars

B. 30 billion dollars

C. 40 billion dollars

D. 50 billion dollars

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Himachal Pradesh Current Affairs 23 May 2021

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Question 1: - Recently, in collaboration with Dharamshala Rotary Club of Dharamshala, Mehar Chand Mahajan Trust, which operates in Khaniara village, has received a grant of how many lakh rupees from Rotary Foundation ??

Answer: -25 lakh

Question 2: - Recently, Manoj Aggarwal has presented a check of how many lakh rupees for the HPSDMA Kovid-19 State Disaster Response Fund on behalf of Himachal Drug Manufacturers Association to Chief Minister Jairam Thakur ??

Answer: -41 lakh 

Question 3: - Recently who has been appointed to the post of Special Executive Officer of Chief Justice of India (CJI) ??

Answer: -Simla District and Sessions Judge Kanwar Chirag Bhanu Singh

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