Duma Movement In English

 Duma Movement In English

||Duma Movement In English||Duma Movement In HP||

Duma Movement In English

Himachal had already laid the foundation of non-violent movement in the form of 'doom '. 'Doom' meant non-cooperation . This was done to remove forced labor, corrupt officials during the reign of kings. 

In the hill states of Rampur, the people raised their voice against the economic exploitation of the administration. In 1859 , the peasants took up a movement against cash land rent. Non-violent non-cooperation movement was done against the economic law. The peasants used to give 5th part of the crop to the king and according to the old custom, ghee, oil, milk, wool, goat etc. were given to the king. This agitation took place as the farmers were unable to pay cash. Its center was Rohru (Bushahr) . People went to the jungles with their families and livestock money. Crops were ruined. The main source of income of the state was land rent, which was closed. The intervention of the British government was necessary to end the Doom movement.

Superintendent of Shimla Hill States, j. C.C. Barnes went to Bushehr. Discussed with Raja Shamsher Singh. The agitating peasants demanded the abolition of the revenue system, the recovery of revenue through produce and commodities in a traditional manner, and entrusting power to the family-based wazirs according to the old custom. In view of the movement, the demands were accepted and the non-cooperation movement came to an end.

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