Folk Songs of Himachal Pradesh In English

Folk Songs of Himachal Pradesh In English 

||Folk Songs of Himachal Pradesh In English||Folk Songs of HP In English||HP Folk Songs||Himachal Pradesh Folk Songs||

The folk songs of Himachal Pradesh are very melodious and enjoyable. The subject of these folk songs can be related to everything from ordinary life to history, religion, Puranas etc. But the folk songs often sung are related to love, veer-gathas, deva-stuti, Ritu-prabhat and social ties, social festivals etc. There is a feeling of both happiness and anguish in them. These folk songs are to be sung solo, duet or group. The author is not a singing expert, but it is a free lyrical voice emanating from any succulent heart. Local instruments can be used along with singing while singing at any festival, festival or fair.

Folk Songs of Himachal Pradesh In English

1. Bihaiyan -

Birth and marriage folk songs are very famous in Himachal Pradesh.  Songs sung during the rituals of birth, naming, shaving , shaving etc. are called ' Bihaiyan '.

2. Suhag:

The marriage of female cows in the area to be folk songs' Suhag says.

3. Mare (ghodi):

Farewell songs are sung after the marriage ceremony is completed, these rituals are  called mare in Kangra  . Some other songs related to marriage are also called ' Sethniya '.

4. Kunju-Chanchlo:

Folk songs of Shringar Ras are also of special importance in Himachal. The love songs of Kullu and Kangra  Kunju-Chanchla  are famous in Himachal in the same way as the love songs of Heer-Ranjha. These songs are filled with strong feelings of love.

5. Jhuri Geet (Jhuri Geet):

The Srimour 's Shringar juice-filled  Jhuri Geet (Jhuri Geet) embodies  gentle emotions. Jhuri is the feminine of Jhur Shabad of Pahari language which means to experience. In fact,  'Jhuri Geet' is Virah Geet. There  is a famous folk song called "Siraj Ki Dasi" in Mandi  which is a jhuri song.

6. Pinga da Song:

 Swing songs are sung in Bilaspur in the month of Sawan and  swings are done from house to house. The songs of these swings are called  "Pinga de Geet"  .

7. Chhinje:

Chinje  is a famous season song of Himachal. These songs resonate in  the house of Mandi when the rains begin in Chaitramas  . Chhinje is sung from Chaitra Sankranti to the end of the month.

8.  Couple Song :) :

Gmbri,  hair  and  Jnjyuti  etc.  Bilaspur  famous folk song. They   are sung as a duet between young men and women .

9. Saga of Heroic Men:

" Haar" from Sirmour  and "Jheda" of Bilaspur, Kangra and Mandi   are folk songs that sing the saga of brave men.

10. Group song:

Kinnaur  and  Lahaul-Spiti  have their own folk songs, which are mostly seen in the  group anthem  itself.

Note:  If a folk song has been missed or is incorrect, please comment, your suggestion is important for us.

||Folk Songs of Himachal Pradesh In English||Folk Songs of HP In English||HP Folk Songs||Himachal Pradesh Folk Songs||

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