General Science MCQ Question Answer Set-1

 General Science MCQ Question Answer Set-1

|| General Science  Question Answer Set-1|| General Science MCQ  Set-1||

General Science MCQ Question Answer Set-1

1. The rate of change of velocity is called :

(a) Force

(b) Momentum

(c) Acceleration

(d) Speed

2. Sound is a:

(a) Tidal wave

(b) Mechanical wave

(c) Surface wave

 (d) Electromagnetic wave

3. If a body is whirled in a circle the work done on it.......

(a) is negative

(b) is zero

(c) cannot be determined 

(d) is positive

4. Metals can be given different shapes according to our needs because they possess the properties of : 

(a) Malleability and ductility

(b) Ductility and conductivity

(c) Malleability and sonorosity

(d) Conductivity and sonorosity

5. What is the Centre of Curvature of a spherical mirror ?

(a) It is a point from which the rays of light appear to be  coming from on the principal axis of a convex mirror, 

(b) It is the centre of a hollow sphere of which the spherical  mirror is a part.

(c) It is th midpoint of a spherical mirror.

(d) It is the point the principal axis through which  rays of light parallel to the principal axis pass after  reflection

6. The motile germ cell is called a/an : 

(a) Isogamete

(b) Gamete

(c) Male gamete

(d) Female gamete

7. Dwarfness can be controlled by treating plants will:

(a) Auxin

(b) Cytokinin

(c) Gibberellic acid 

(d) Ethylene

8. If the initial velocity of a car is 5 m/s, and the final velocity is 10 m/s in 5 s, then the acceleration is .........

(a) 10 m/s2 (b) 5 m/s2 (c) 0.1 m/s (d) 1 m/s2

9. Which one of the following is commonly used as an indicator to measure the exact pH? 

(a) Eosin

(b) Universal indicator

(c) Litmus

(d) Phenolphthalein

10. Aluminium oxide is ............ in nature.

(a) acidic

(b) basic

(c) neutral

(d) amphoteric

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