HP Ancient History MCQ Question Answer In English

 HP Ancient History MCQ Question Answer In English

|| Himachal Pradesh Ancient History Ques tion Answer In English || HP Ancient History MCQ In English ||

HP Ancient History MCQ Question Answer In English

1.Shambara king who fought against Aryan king Divodas was related to which ancient tribe?

(A) Shemale

(B) Poppy

C) Gent

(D) Das

2. Which ancient book of India describes khas?

(A) Bhagwat Purana

(B) Vayu Purana

(C) Brihat Samhita


3. "Oudumbar" (Kaushik gotra) associates with which monk

(A) Vasistha

(B) Bhrigu

(C) Vishwamitra

(D) Parashar

4. Who were the inhabitants of the Shivalik valleys in the pre-Vedic period?

(A) Shemale

(B) Arya

(C) Nagaajati

(D) Bandit

5. According to Kis Purana, "A person who thinks of the Himalayas without looking at it would have received a great fruit from the worship done in Kashi."

(A) Shiva Purana

(B) Skanda Purana

(C) Vayu Purana

(D) Garuda Purana

6. Who was Shambar's assistant in the war with the Aryans king Divodas?

(A) Varchi

(B) Sudas

(C) Arjun

(D) Pradyumna

7. By what name 'Arya' is known in Himachal Pradesh?

(A) Bhota

(B) Cole

(C) Rathi

(D) Kulind

8. According to which scripture, non-Aryan tribes like Kol, Kirat, Yaksha and Nag were inhabited before Aryans in Himachal Pradesh?

(A) Mahabharata

(B) Rigveda

(C) Manusmriti

(D) Yog Vashisht

9. Who lost in the 40-year-old war between the ancient Aryan king Divodas and Shambar?

(A) doubt

(B) Poppy

(C) Gent

(D) Shemale

10. In which religious book is the description of the 40-year war between Kirat Raja and Arya Raja?

(A) In the Kathopanishad

(B) Rigveda

(C) Atharvaveda

(D) In ​​the Hitopanishad

|| Himachal Pradesh Ancient History Question Answer In English || HP Ancient History MCQ In English ||

11. For how many years did the war between Divodas and Shambar mentioned in the Rigveda last?

(A) 10 years

(B) 15 years

(C) 40 years

(D) None of these

12. Who was the chief advisor of Arya King Divodas?

(A) Rishi Bharadwaj

(B) Panini

(C) Kapil Muni

(D) Megasthenes

13. King Susharma, who fought on the Kaurava side in the war of Mahabharata, is considered the founder of an important dynasty of Himachal Pradesh. By what name is this dynasty known?

(A) Katoch

(B) Bhankotiva

(C) Pathania

(D) Kathwal

14. Which Katoch dynasty king of Kangra participated in the war on behalf of the Kauravas in the war of Mahabharata?

(A) Jagat Chandra

(B) Sachendu

(C) Ganesh Chandra

(D) Sushram Chandra

15. Which Arya king of the state's non-Aryan king, Shambar, fought many times?

(A) Devendra

(B) Divodas

(C) Number

(D) Prithu

16. In which region did the Pandavas spend 12 years of exile?

(A) Bilaspur

(B) Sirmaur

C) Mahasu

(D) Caja

17. Where did Kulind reside permanently?

(A) Kangra

(B) Kullu

(C) Kinnaur

(D) Shimla and Sirmaur

18. Which was the second caste to settle in Himachal Pradesh?

A) Gentian

(B) Arya

(C) Mangol

(D) significantly

19. Which was the third caste to enter Himachal Pradesh from the North West?

(A) significantly

(B) Gent

(C) Mongol

(D) Arya

20. Who was the oldest resident of Himachal Pradesh?

(A) Cole

(B) Arya

(C) Padding

(D) significantly

21. According to the famous linguist Grierson, who were the first (former) acquaintances of the Himalayan territory 'Indo-Aryans'?

(A). The poppy

(B) Naga

(C) Das

(D) Gentian

22. Which of the following ancient Janjapati is thus known as Himalayan Tarain, inhabited from the Ganges to the Chandrabhaga, to the Gupta period?

(A) Das

(B) Shemale

(c) gentian

(D) Snake

23. Around which century did Buddhist scholar Chandragomi write about Oudumbars?

(A) Second century

(B) Third century

(C) Fifth century

(D) seventh century

|| Himachal Pradesh Ancient History Ques tion Answer In English || HP Ancient History MCQ In English ||


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