HP Mountain Passes And Jots MCQ In English


HP Mountain Passes And Jots MCQ In English

|| HP Mountain Passes And Jots MCQ  In English || Himachal Pradesh Mountain Passes And Jots Question Answer  In English ||

                                     HP Mountain Passes And Jots MCQ In English

1. Which pass connects Kinnaur and Garhwal?

(A) Charang

(B) Lamkhaga

(C) Kamilaga

(D) All these

2 Which mountain pass connects the inner and outer ridges?

(A) Kugti

(B) Jalori

(C) Kalicho

(D) Choooo

3. Chobia Pass connects which two places?

(A) Kullu and Lahaul

(B) Mandi and Kullu

(C) Lahaul and Bharmour

(D) Chamba and Bhatiyat

4. Which view connects Kangra and Chamba?

(A) Waru

(B) Trotti

(C) Kalicho

(D) Tamsar

5. Which pass connects Lahaul region with Bharmour area of ​​Chamba district?

(A) Rohtang

(B) Kundap

(C) Kugti

(D) Baralacha

6. Pass connecting Kangra and Bharmour is

(A) Jalsu

(B) Dulchi

(C) Tamsar

(D) Chobia

7. What is the height of Rohtang Pass? [HP PGT (Biology) -2016]

(A) 11000 ft

(B) 13050 feet

(C) 14665 feet

 (D) 14875 feet

8. Which lake is located near Rohtang Dar?

(A) Sukhsar

(B) Bhrigu


(D) Parashar

9. Who was the first to reach the Rohtang rates?

(A) JG Gerad

(B) William Moorcraft

(C) Lord Elgin

(D) EJ Buck

10. Which view connects Chamba to Jammu?

(A) Dulchi

(B) Kunjum

(C) Sach

(D) Pastor

11. Which pass connects Chamba to Bhaderwah?

(A) Pastor

(B) Drati

(C) Sach

(D) Kugti

12. Which pass connects Lahaul to Bharmour?

(A) Kalicho

(B) truth

(C) Chhauri

(D) Waru

13. Pass connecting Kinnaur to Garhwal is

(A) Charang

(B) Animals

(C) Mausoleum

(D) Mulari

14. Jalsu adds holdings (carpets)

(A) Lahaul-Bharmour

 (B) Mandi and Kullu

(C) Kangra and Chamba

(D) Chamba and Pangi

15. Which pass connects Shimla to Uttarakhand

(A) Chancel

(B) truth

(C) Tamsar

(D) Kugti

16. "Nikodi" Pass is located

(A) Lahaul-Bharmour

(B) Kangra-Bharmour

(C) Chamba-Pangi

(D) Lahaul-Spiti

17. Elephants form the border of which districts?

(A) Chamba-Kangra

(B) Chamba-Lahaul

(C) Shimla-Sirmaur

(D) Kullu-Lahaul

18. Which pass in Himachal Pradesh is the highest?

(A) Kangra

(B) Baralacha

(C) Parangal

(D) Pin Parvati

19. Pass other than Rohtang which connects Lahaul to Kullu?

(A) Chobia

(B) Baralacha

(C) Hamta

(D) Parangal

20. Shipki Pass is in which district? 

(A) Mandi

(B) Kangra

(C) Chamba

(D) Kinnaur

21. Which pass is the source of Chandrabhaga?

(A) Geffan

(B) Keylong

(C) Baralacha

(D) Pattan

22. From where does the Shipki Pass go?

(A) Shimla to Kinnaur

(B) Chamba to Bharmour

(C) Kinnaur to Tibet

(D) Spiti to Ladakh

23. What is the height of the Kunjum Pass? 

(A) 4950 m

(B) 6923 feet

(C) 5231 m

(D) 7249 feet

24. Elephant is in which district? 

(A) Chamba

(B) Kullu

(D) Kangra

(C) Sirmour

25. Which of the following pass is located outside Himachal Pradesh?

(A) Khyber

(B) Richtang

(C) Baralacha

(D) None of these

26. Which pass connects Kinnaur to Garhwal?

(A) Duggi tillage

(B) Kamilaga

(C) Muleri holdings

(D) Dulchi

27. What is the height of Rohtang Pass (Pass)? 

(A) 4980 m

(B) 3978 m

(C) 4100 m

(D) None of these

28. In which district is the Sach Pass located?

(A) Lahaul-Spiti

(B) Chamba

(C) Kangra

(D) Kinnaur

29, 'Chhobia Pass' is located in which district?

(A) Chamba

(B) Kullu

(C) Lahaul-Spiti

30. 'Baralacha Pass' (4890 m) is located in which district?

(A) Kullu

(B) Kinnaur

(C) Chamba

(D) Lahaul-Spiti

31. Where is the 'Bhim Ghassutari holdings' located?

(A) Lahaul-Spiti

(B) Mandi

(C) Kangra-Chamba

(D) Kullu-Kangra

32. In which district is 'Makodi Jot' located?

(A) Kangra

(B) Kullu

(C) Chamba

(D) Kinnaur

33. 'Dari Pass' is located in which district?

(A) Chamba

(B) Kangra

(C) Kullu

(D) Shimla

34. Where is Kunjum Pass located?

(A) Spiti Valley

(B) In Kullu Valley

(C) Kangra Valley

(D) Pangi Valley

 35. Which of the following pass is not located in Chamba district?

(A) truth

(B) Kunjam

(C) China

(D) Chovia

36. In which district is 'Hamta Pass' located?

(A) Kullu

(B) Chamba

(C) Kinnaur

(D) Kangra

37. Which pass separates Lahaul from Spiti? [HP Clerk-2012]

(A) truth

(B) Kunjam

(B) Rohtang

(D) None of these

38. Where is Kugati Pass located? 

(A) Spiti-Kangra

(B) Between Lahaul-Bharmour

(C) Between Bharmour-Kangra

(D) Between Bharmour-Pangi

39. 'Pin Parvati Darshan' adds- 

(A) Kullu and Spiti

(B) Kullu and Lahaul

(C) Kullu and Kinnaur

(D) Shimla and Kinnaur

40. Which hill view connects Spiti to Lacquer?

(A) Shipy

(B) Manirang

(C) Kangla

(D) Rohtang

41. To whom does the Sach Pass pass?

(A) Chamba-Bharmour

(B) Chamba-Pangi

(C) Chamba-Kangra

(D) Chamba-Bhatiyat

42. Rohtang Pass is situated between 

(A) Chamba-Bharmour

 (B) Kinnaur-Lahaul

(C) Kullu-Lahaul

(D) Kullu-Spiti

43. In which district is the Rohtang Pass located?

(A) Chamba

(B) Mandi

(C) Kullu

(D) Lahaul-Spiti

44. The 'Burua Pass or Buran Valley', 'Kimilay or Khamilogo Pass', 'Bosun Pass' and 'Lamkhaga Pass' are situated in the southern part of which valley of Himachal Pradesh?

(A) Baspa Valley

(B) Sutlej Valley

(C) Bhabha Valley

(D) Hungrang Valley

45. Which rates are known as Shingo-La?

(A) Janskar Pass

(B) Baralacha Pass

(C) Rohtang Pass

(D) Jalori Pass

46. ​​Which mountain view connects Spiti to Ladakh?

(A) Kunjam

(B) Kangla

(C) Hamtah

(D) Kugti

47. Hamtah mountain pass is near which town in Himachal Pradesh?

(A) Chamba

(B) Manali

(C) Kullu

(D) Rampur

|| HP Mountain Passes And Jots MCQ In English || Himachal Pradesh Mountain Passes And Jots Question Answer In English||

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