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HP Religion, faith and local gods MCQ in English


HP Religion, faith and local gods MCQ in English

|| HP Religion, faith and local gods MCQ In English|| Himachal Pradesh Religion, faith and local gods question answer In English ||

HP Religion, faith and local gods MCQ in English

1. Which goddess is said to be a latan wali?

(A) Naina Devi

(B) Anxiety

(C) Volcano

(D) Chamunda Devi

2. Manikarna of Kullu valley is associated with which deity?

(A) Varun

(B) Shiva

(C) Vishnu

(D) Indra

3. In which region is the Shirgul deity worshiped?

(A) Sirmour-Shimla

 (B) Una-Hamirpur

(C) Bilaspur-Solan

(D) Kangra-Chamba

4. H.P. In which area is the worship of Vasuki Nag famous?

(A) Sirmour

(B) Kullu

(C) Una

(D) Chamba

5. At which religious place do people of Bilaspur district take a dip on Baisakhi? 

(A) Markanda

(B) Shri Naina Devi

(C) Rukmani pool

(D) Haridwar

6. H.P. In which place is the god Marich worshiped?

(A) Hamirpur-Sujanpur

(B) Arki-Kunihar

(C) Kumarsen-Kotgarh

(D) Bilaspur-Sundernagar

7. The Buddhist saint Avilokiteshwar is associated with which place?

(A) Dattnagar (Shimla)

(B) Rewalsar (Mandi) 

(C) Ribba (Kinnaur)

(D) Trilokpur (Kangra)

8. How many years did the Tibetan religious leader (scholar) Rin-chan-Song Po stay in Lahaul-Spiti and Kinnaur?

(A) 7 years

(B) 13 years

(C) 17 years

(D) 20 years

9. Worship of Parashuram Where did it start in the hills of?

(A) Mamel (Mandi)

(B) Nirmand (Kullu)

(C) Neerath (Shimla)


10. In which religion do the residents of Lahaul region believe?

(A) Buddhism

(B) Sudden Buddhism

(C) Jainism

(D) Hinduism

11. In October 2015, before the India and South Africa T20 matches, the HPCA worshiped which local deity to prevent Varsha from disrupting the match?

(A) Mahunag

(B) Bhagsunag

(C) Indrunag

(D) Kamarunag

12. Who is considered the 'main deity' of the Kumarasen region?

(A) Badu

(B) Kokswar Mahadev

(C) Kamroo

(D) Quadrilateral

13. Himachal has the deity of 'Ishta Devta'?

(A) Person

(B) State

(C) Total

(D) Village

14. Which is offered to the Jamlu deity of Malana village?

(A) Raw Coconut

 (B) White woolen shawl

(C) Silver horse statue 

(D) Gold umbrella

15. Who has been the pioneer of advancing the Bhakti cult in Himachal?

(A) Raja Sahil Varman

(B) Raja Maru Varman

(C) Raja Pratap Varman

(D) King Balabhadra Varman

16. What similarity is found between Hatkoti, Nichar and Sarahan?

(A) Fruit gardens

(B) Grassland

(C) Place of worship of Goddess 

(D) Shiva place of worship

17. Who ordered that one rupee and two copper coins kept near the idol of God should be set aside and sent to Ayodhya every year.

(A) Raja Jagat Singh, Kullu 

(B) Raja Bishan Singh, Guler

(C) Raja Surajsen, Mandi

 (D) King Ishwarsen, Suket

18. Which religion has an abundance of followers in the upper region of Himachal Pradesh?

(A) Mahayana branch of Buddhism

(B) Hinayana Branch

(C) Vajrayana Branch

(D) None of the above

19. Who is considered to be the cremation ground of Pandavamishi Draupadi?

(A) Zaskar

(B) Tandi

(C) Rohtang

(D) Gumla

20. Renuka Dham is related to which of the following?

(A) Shri Krishna

(B) Sansar Chand

(C) Parashuram

(D) Vasistha

21. Guru Govind Singh never visited which of these places?

(A) Mandi

(B) Dharamshala

(C) Naina Devi

(D) Paonta Sahib

22. H.P. Most of the Buddhists consider the third branch of Buddhism as

(A) Mahayana

(B) Hinayana

(C) Vajrayana

(D) Sight

23. How many Shaktipeeths are located in Himachal Pradesh?

(A) 4

(B) 7

(C) 5

(D) 8

24. At which place in Himachal Pradesh, an 81-foot statue of Lord Shiva has been installed?

(A) Joginder Nagar (Mandi)

 (B) Kotla Kalan (Una)

(C) Sangla (Kinnaur)

(D) Nurpur (Kangra)

25. In what century did the great religious leader Padmasambhava Did Buddhism propagate?

(A) Third century BC

 (B) Fifth century BC

(C) Eighth century BCE

 (D) Third century B.C.

26. Who was Rin Chan Sang Po?

(A) A Tibetan scholar who was sent to India to study Buddhism

(B) a famous historian of Tibet

(C) Tibetan ruler who established the separate state of Tibet

(D) A famous Tibetan poet

27. What did Rishi Jamadagni look like in a Renuka relationship? 

(A) Daughter

(B) Wife

(C) Sister

(D) Mother

28. Which sage has not been associated with Himachal Pradesh?

(A) Vyas

(B) Balmiki

(C) Markandeya

(D) Lomash

29. Nirmand of Kullu district is associated with?

(A) Vishwamitra

(B) Parashuram

(C) Jamdagni

(D) Vashistha Rishi

30. Who is the total goddess of the state of Bushehr?

(A) Bhimakali

(B) Shiva

(C) Hanuman

(D) Mahishasuramardini

31. Where is the deity Jamlu worshiped?

(A) Manikarna

(B) Malana

(C) Nirmand

(D) Vasistha

32. According to folklore, which woman's cows grazed by Baba Balaknath?

(A) Rampyari

(B) Ratni

(C) Bala Sundari 

(D) Tara

33. According to which Purana, Banasura, who was the ruler of the Sarahan region of Upper Shimla, was killed by Krishna.

(A) Tapa Purana

(B) Annas Purana

(C) Dev Purana

(D) Garuda Purana

|| HP Religion, faith and local gods MCQ In Englisjh || Himachal Pradesh Religion, faith and local gods MCQ In English ||

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