indus valley civilization MCQ Question Answer In English


indus valley civilization MCQ Question Answer In English

|| indus valley civilization MCQ Question Answer In English || indus valley civilization MCQ Question Answer In English || sindhu ghati sabhyata Question Answer ||

indus valley civilization MCQ Question Answer In English

1. Reptiles have a golden age

(A) Paleozoic

(B) Misozoic

(C) Sinozoic

(D) Proterozoic

2. What did the copper age people use to write?

(A) of palm leaves

(B) Earthen slab

(C) leather

(D) Did not know the art of writing

3. What is Homo sapiens?

(A) Human

(B) Animals

(C) Chimpanzee

(D) None of the above

4. What was the main occupation of the Paleolithic Age people?

(A) Agriculture

(B) Animal Husbandry

(C) Fisheries

(D) hunting and food gathering

5. Is the following not true about Harappan's contact with his contemporary civilizations?

(A) Symmetry of some of his seals with them

(B) The word Malukha is probably used for the Indus in the strips of Mesopotamia.

(C) Harappan seals mention relations with them

(D) The people of Mesopotamia called cotton as Indus

6. Rice farming is related to which place of Harappa?

(A) Kot-Diji

(B) Lothal

(C) Harappa

(D) all

7. Was there a crop (produced by the Indus people) that the Greeks called 'Saundon'?

(A) Sugarcane

(B) Wheat

(C) Barley

(D) Wool

8. Which place of Indus Valley Civilization would you relate to the copper statue of 'Dancing Girl'? 

(A) Bhimbetka

(B) Kalibanga

(C) Harappa

 (D) Mohenjodaro

9. In which state of India is Kalibanga, an important excavation site of the Indus civilization? 

(A) Gujarat

(B) Haryana

(C) Rajasthan

(D) Punjab

10. The famous Indus Valley Civilization site 'Lothal' is located

(A) In Pakistan

(B) Gujarat

(C) Rajasthan

(D) In ​​the state of Punjab, India 

11. At which site of Harappan civilization have 'horse relics' been found? 

 (A) Kalibanga

(B) Lothal

(C) Surkotada

(D) Ropar

12. Where is Dholavira located?

(A) Rajasthan

(B) Uttar Pradesh

(C) Gujarat

(D) Punjab

13. What is the script of Indus Valley Civilization called? 

(A) Hieroglyphic

(B) Devanagari

(C) Sharda

(D) Hieroglyphs

14. Write the name of the place where the evidence of the Harappan field is found? 

(A) Harappa

(B) Bunwali

(C) Rakhigarhi

(D) Kalibanga

15. Which of the following represents the Harappan civilization?

(A) Second urbanization

(B) Third urbanization

(C) First urbanization

(D) Fourth urbanization

16. From where the idol of bearded yogi and priest is obtained

(A) Harappa

(B) Mohenjodaro

(C) Kalibanga

(D) Lothal

17. The stamp of Pashupati Mahadev is a symbol of which civilization?

(A) Indus Valley Civilization

(B) District Civilization

(C) Vedic Civilization

(D) Sultanate era

18. From which place of Indus Valley Civilization, the stone statue of Nataraja (in dancer form) has been obtained?

A) Harappa

(B) Mohenjodaro

(C) Kalibanga

19. Indus Valley Civilization buildings were constructed with which of the following materials?

(A) raw bricks

(B) Only by clay mortar

 (C) Baked clay bricks

20. World heritage site related to Harappan civilization where ancient caves depicting pictures of animals, birds and humans?

(A) Mohenjodaro

 (B) Dhaulavira

(C) Bhimbetka

21. From which place related to the Harappan civilization has the stamp of Pashupati Mahadev been obtained? 

(A) Mohenjodaro

(B) Harappa

(C) Banwali

22. 'Dancing Girl' derived from Mohenjodaro is made of which metal?

(A) Iron

B) Silver

(C) Gold

(D) Bronze

23. Which metals / metals were used by the people of Indus Valley Civilization?

(A) iron and gold

(B) Copper and Bronze

24. Where is the famous site of Indus Valley Civilization 'Mohenjodaro'

(A) Gujarat, India

 (B) Sindh, Pakistan

(C) Pakistani Punjab

(D) Rajasthan, India

25. Which of the following statements regarding Indus Valley Civilization is not correct?

(A) Indus people first produced cotton

(B) Harappan-pictographic picture was

(C) The cities were organized and the intensive use of concrete bricks was in circulation.

(D) Iron was the second known metal after bronze.

26. Which of the following place is related to Indus Valley Civilization? 

(A) Jhansi

(B) Kalibanga

(C) Jhanjhar

(D) Kalighat

27. Which of the following items (Greco used this word) was known by 'Sindon'? 

(A) Black Pepper

(B) Turmeric

(C) Sugarcane

(D) Cotton

28. The three tier building planning system has been discovered in which of the following colonies?

(A) Harappa 

(B) Mohenjodaro

(C) Kalibanga

(D) Dhaulavira

 29. Cultural integration was limited with which one of the following?

(A) Vedic period 

(B) Kushan period

(C) Medieval period 

(D) The entire history period

30. With which period is the history of coins related?

(A) Pre-Historic

(B) Protohistoric

(C) Rigvedic

(D) Early History

31. Man first used which of the following metals?

(A) Bronze

 (B) Silver

(C) Iron 

(D) Copper

32. Indus Valley Civilization is primarily, a

(A) Rustic culture

 (B) Half-Rustic Culture

C) City Culture 

(D) Semi-urban culture

33. In which year was the Indus Valley Civilization discovered?

(A) 1921-22

 (B) 1910-11

(C) 1822-23 

(D) 1824-25

|| indus valley civilization MCQ Question Answer In English || indus valley civilization MCQ Question Answer In English || sindhu ghati sabhyata Question Answer ||

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