Kinaura tribes In Himachal Pradesh

Kinaura tribes In Himachal Pradesh

|| Kinaura tribes  In Himachal Pradesh||Kinaura tribes In English||

Kinaura tribes In Himachal Pradesh

Kinaura tribes are scheduled tribes of the state of Himachal Pradesh and are of Mongol origin. This tribe is also known as Kinnar. In the Western Himalayas, this Kinaura tribal community   is found in the BSP  or  Sangla Valley , which is  situated  at the height of Kinnaur district . Other areas where these Kinaura tribes are located include Batesari, Rakcham and Chitkul.

According to some scholars, the people of the Kinaura tribal community  are descendants of the eunuchs of the Mahabharata.  Another group believes that  Kirat is the ancestor of
 this  tribal group. The family structure of the Kinaura tribes is a  joint family  and marriages occur in this tribal group. During special occasions and festivals, they consume a special type of drink, known as ' Anguri '.

Economy:  The main occupation of the Kinaura tribes is wool harvesting and sheep raising, but some people are also engaged in horticulture and agriculture.

Dress:  Men , the costumes of the Kinnaura tribe include a  long coat  or  bangle  and  woolen pajamas  known as  Chamu or Sutan  . Women  wear  a kind of  woolen sari called  dhoru  . They wear goat hair and shoes made of wool and hat called  bushhri  .

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