Lahaul tribe In Himachal Pradesh


Lahaul tribe In Himachal Pradesh

|| Lahaul tribe In Himachal Pradesh|| Lahaul tribe In English||

Lahaul tribe In Himachal Pradesh

The Lahaul tribe of Himachal Pradesh is of mixed origin. These tribal people are said to have originated from the tribal  Munda  tribe and  Tibetans  . Most of these Lahaul tribal communities live in many areas like Lahaul Valley, Pattan, Chamba-Lahaul and Lower Mayer valleys.

Language (Language):  Manchati, Manchad, Patni, Chamba, Chamba Lahuli, Swangala, Changspa  Boli are some alternate names in their language. Apart from these, there are some dialects of this language, which are also prevalent among Lahaul tribal groups.

These people like to wear colorful dress and jewelry which is a major part of their costumes. That the culture and tradition of this Lahaul tribal community is quite outstanding, shows the fact that it has a plethora of dance forms, music, fairs and festivals.

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