Learning Process MCQ Question Answer For HPTET Set-1 In English


Learning Process MCQ Question Answer For HPTET Set-1 In English

|| Learning Process MCQ For HPTET Set-1 || Learning Process Question Answer For HPTET Set-1 ||

Leaning Process MCQ Question Answer For HPTET Set-1 In English

1. "There is a change in behavior through learning experience and training" Who has given this definition of learning?

(A) Woodworth (B) Gates (C) Charles Skinner (D) Clarke Hull

2. Which of the following characteristics are there in the process of learning?

 (A) change in behavior

(B) earned

(C) not to maturity


3. Which of the following is the most important factor in the trying and forgetting method of learning?

(A) Goal

(B) Motivation

(C) verb

(D) practice

4. Which of the following psychologists was awarded the Nobel Prize, the world's highest honor for learning theory?

(A) Pavlava 

(B) CF Skinner

(C) Levin

(D) Tallman

5. Which of the following did Pavlav use in his classical contract?

(A) On the dog 

(B) Monkey

(C) Cat

 (D) Rat

6. Proactive learning is known as which of the following

(A) Skinner

(B) Thornbike

(C) Pavlov

(D) Solution

7. The Sustainable Principle of Learning is given by which of the following?

(A) CF Skinner 

 (B) Clarke plow

(C) Gax Barvadaimer 

(D) Tallman

8. Which of the following is the principle of the learning sign format?

(A) Kohler

(B) Tallman

(C) Solution

(D) Labin

9. According to Tallman, how has behavior been perceived in learning?

(A) Molecular

 (B) Integrated

(C) Both (A) and (B)

(D) None of these

10. Who among the following gave insight to learning?

(A) Structuralists

(B) Behaviorists

(C) Gestaltists

(D) Psychoanalysts

11. Which of the following psychologists gave the field theory of learning?

(A) Levin

(B) Kohler

(C) Solution

(D) Tallman

12. How to make learning more effective

(A) Motivate

(B) to tempt

(C) Using new teaching techniques

(D) None of the above

13. The main basis of learning success is

(A) Appreciation

(B) Award

(C) leadership

(D) Excellent desire to achieve the goal

14. Learning is

(A) Every change in behavior

(B) Changes in behavior by maturity

(C) Changes in behavior through experiences and training

(D) All of the above

15. "Learning is a process of development. This statement is

A) Gates and others 

(B) Simpson's

(C) Woodworth 

(D) Marcel

16. Rendered the theory of learning by thought

(A) Thorndike

(B) Kohler

(C) Pavlov 

(D) Woodworth

17. Piagas are mainly known for studying whom?

(A) Language Development

(B) Sexual development

(C) Cognitive development

(D) Social Development

18. The proactive optimization theory was formulated by __________. 

(A) Pavlava

 (B) Skinner

(C) Thorndike 

(D) Kohler

19. __________ used Pavlav in the associated reaction theory.

(A) Cat

 (B) On the dog

(C) monkey 

(D) Rat

20. Thorndike's theory falls into which of the following categories?

(A) behavioral theory

(B) Cognitive theory

(C) Psychoanalytic theory

(D) None of the above

21. The learning curve is indicative of

(A) Learning progress

(B) Originality of learning

(C) Dynamic form of learning

(D) Learning creativity

22. In the theory of learning by insight (Kohl), Kohler used-

(A) On the dog 

(B) on the monkeys

(C) Cat 

(D) Rats

23. In learning, ______ gave the rule of effect.

(A) Pavlava

 (B) Skinner

(C) Watson 

D) Thorndike

24. Which of the following views explain learning through insight? 

(A) Psychoanalysis

 (B) Pragmatism

(C) Relationalism 

(D) Gestaltism

25. The rules of learning are given 

(A) The Council

 (B) Skinner

(C) Thorndike

 (D) Kohler

26. have to learn

(A) change in behavior

(B) Result of experience and practice

(C) relatively permanent change in behavior

(D) All of the above

27. 'Effort and error are the proponents of theory

(A) Thorndike

(B) Macdougal

(C) Kohler 

(D) Pavlov

28. What not to do to resolve the 'learning plateau'? 

(A) The learner should be motivated and encouraged

(B) Good method of learning should be used

(C) He should be punished

(D) The reasons for these should be studied

29. Regarding Primary Basic Rules of Learning

(A) Practice

(B) Expectation of result

(C) Praise

(D) ready

30. Factors affecting learning process

(A) simulation

(B) Praise and Blasphemy

(C) competition 

(D) All these

31. In what ways is motivation considered useful in children's learning? 

(A) The personality of the child

(B) Awards and Penalties

(C) Appreciation and condemnation

(D) All of the above

32. Piagas are mainly known for their contribution to the field of _______. 

(A) Language Development 

(B) Educational development

(C) moral development

 (D) Social Development

33. Best place for cognitive development of a child

(A) Playground

(B) Auditorium

(C) Home

(D) School and classroom environment

34. Permanent changes in behavior, which are caused by practice, are called

(A) learning

(B) Thinking

(C) Action 

(D) To imagine

35. Basis of classification of Thornadike's personality

(A) Body formation and beauty

(B) Creativity and originality

(C) Adjustment and growth

(D) Thinking and Imagination

36. Which of the following is the principle of origin?

(A) competitive barrier

(B) vindictive barrier

(C) Anti-obstruction

(D) Reversible barrier

|| Learning Process MCQ For HPTET Set-1 || Learning Process Question Answer For HPTET Set-1 ||

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