Learning One Liner for HPTET in English


Learning One Liner for HPTET in English

|| Learning One Liner For HPTET In English|| Learning Concept Process Factors Theories and its implication One Liner For HPTET In English ||

Learning One Liner for HPTET in English

  •  You have the best statement regarding the errors made by the student in the learning process - errors are part of the learning process.
  • The first step in the process of learning is -
  •  "Try and error" is the most important - the goal
  •  Reaction is more difficult to erase - after partial reinforcement
  •  The hierarchy of learning is related to - Gagne
  • Permanent changes in behavior, which are caused by practice, are called - learning
  •  The theory of learning that relies only on "observed behavior" is linked to the behavioral theory of learning
  •  The Insight Explains Learning - Gestaltism
  • The first stage of learning skills is simulation.
  •  'Try and forget' are the proponents of the theory - Thorndike
  •  Which psychologist has explained the learning on philosophical basis - Frobel
  •  Fatigue, habit and environment in learning - have an effect
  •  Which behavioral psychologist reinforced the theory of teaching: - B.F. Skinner
  • The method benefits students' learning processes in relation to the social context of learning - group discussion, self-study and one-to-one learning
  •  You can focus on the classroom - by changing the temperament
  •  If the students are given autonomy and control to do the work themselves, then - the child learns
  • Teaching and learning can be effective - in many ways

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