vedic kaal MCQ Question Answer In English


vedic kaal MCQ Question Answer In English

|| vedic kaal Question Answer In English || vedic kaal mahajanapadas  MCQ In English ||

vedic kaal MCQ Question Answer In English

1. Caste system in India…? 

(A) Long ago

(B) The Indus Valley was strict during the era

(C) was hardened during the Rigveda era

(D) Later it became hard during the Vedic era

2. There are four Upvedas. Three of them are - Ayurveda, Dhanurveda and Architectural Vedas. Which is the fourth?

(A) Yoga Veda

(B) Raj Veda

(C) Nyaya Veda

(D) Gandharva Veda

3.Which of the following is related to the later Vedic period?

(A) Gargi

(B) Lopamudra

(C) Faith

(D) Yami

4. Which Veda contain hymns relating to charms, amulets and incantation?

(A) Samaveda

 (B) Atharvaveda

(C) Yajurveda

(D) Rig-Veda

5. Who led the Aryans against Shambar?

(A) Shiva Das

 (B) Divo Das

(C) Hiramber

(D) Parashuram

6. What are manuscripts? 

(A) Handwritten article

 (B) Inscription

(C) Painting

(D) Temple

7. Are there shlokas in Mahabharata?

(A) 10,000

(B) 18,000

(C) 50,000

(D) 1,00,000

8. ______ is also known as 'Jaya Samhita'?

(A) Ramayana

(B) Mahabharata

(C) Bhagavad Gita

(D) Rigveda

9. What is the name of the literature which describes the Vedas performed by the monks living in the forests?

(A) Aranyak 

(B) Vedang

(C) Brahmanas

(D) Upanishads

10. Which of the following is Vedang?

(A) Ayurveda

(B) Astrology

(C) Aranyak

(D) Brahmin

11. 'Upanishad' is

(A) Source of Hindu philosophy

(B) Ancient Hindu law book

(C) Human social behavior

(D) Worship of God

12. Which of the following river is called 'Nadiattam' in Rigveda

(A) Jhelum

(B) Ravi

(C) Diameter

(D) Saraswati

13. In the Rig Vedic period, the officer who controlled a large pasture was known by whom?

(A) Gramini

(B) Vrajapati

(C) Fighter

14. 'Vaj' is the main weapon of which god?

(A) Sun

(B) Indra

(C) Shiva

(D) Rahu

15. Which 'Veda' is related to Tantra-mantra (witchcraft)?

(A) Rigveda

(B) Samaveda

(C) Yajurveda

 (D) Atharvaveda

16. The dialogue between sage Yajnavalkya and Gargi is embedded in which Upanishads?

(A) Kath

(B) Ken

(C) Mundaka

(D) Macroeconomic

|| vedic kaal Question Answer In English || vedic kaal mahajanapadas  MCQ In English ||

17. 'Asato Ma Sadgamay' is taken- 

(A) Samveda

(B) Rigveda

(C) Yajurveda

(D) Atharvaveda

18. How many mandalas are there in Rigveda?

(A) 6

(B) 8

(C) 10

(D) 12

19. What was 'Yva' (Yuva) during the Rigvedic period?

(A) One gold coin / currency

(B) God

(C) a yield 

(D) a business

20. In which of the following Vedas are there Tantras and Mantras, whose pronunciation eliminates harmful and diseases?

(A) Samaveda

(B) Atharvaveda

(C) Rigveda

(D) Yajurveda

21. Natives of India were called during Vedic period? 

(A) Sindhuputra

 (B) Jan

(C) Bandit

22. Which of the following is not a Veda?

(A) Rigveda

(B) Yajurveda

(C) Samaveda

(D) Ayurveda

23. Was not the Lord of the Aryans during the Rigveda era?

(A) Air

(B) Varun

(C) Vishnu

(D) Indra

24. Which of the following scriptures is also known as 'Vedanta'?

(A) Tripitaka

(B) Upanishads

(C) memory

(D) Panchatantra (Story)

25. In which Veda was the assembly and committee referred to as the 'two daughters' of Prajapati? 

(A) Samaveda

(B) Atharvaveda

(C) Yajurveda

(D) Rigveda

26. In which Upanishads is the classification of the Para Vidya and Apara Vidya?

(A) Isopanishad 

(B) Kathopanishad

(C) Mundakopanishad 

(D) Mandukya Upanishad

27. In which Ramayana are the following verses glorified of the motherland?

Lakshmana roaches in his Swarnamayi Lanka.

Janmani Janmabhoomi Swarpadpi Gariyasi 4

(A) Valmiki Ramayana 

(B) Anand Ramayana

(C) Adhyatma Ramayana 

(D) Kritavasi Ramayana

28. The division of human life into four ashrams is described in which book 

(A) Shatapatha Brahmin

 (B) Manusmriti

(C) Aitareya Brahmin

 (D) Srimadbhagavadgita

29. In which category can the marriages of King Dushyanta and Shakuntala be placed?

(A) Anulom marriage

 (B) Inverse marriage

(C) Gandharva marriage

(D) Brahmo Vivah

30. Fifth Veda Which scripture goes to which place?

(A) Bharata Muni's Natyashastra

(B) Mahabharata

 (C) Yoga Vashistha

(D) Brahmo Sutra

31. Which of the following is Hindu Code of conduct?

(A) Rigveda 

 (B) Ramayan

(C) Manusmriti

 (D) Upanishad

32. The term "Yavan Priya" (Yavan Priya) mentioned in ancient Sanskrit texts denoted.

 (A) Ivory

(B) Black Pepper

(C) Indian Muslim

(D) Damsels sent to greek. Courts

33. The Great Hindu Law giver (propounded Hindu law)?

(A) Kapil

(B) Banabhatta

(C) Kautilya

(D) Manu

34. was the main center of Rigvedic culture?

(A) Punjab and Delhi Region

(B) Indus Valley Region

(C) Area between Swat and Indus

(D) Indus-Ganga region

35. Which of these religions was born and developed in ancient India (BC)?

(A) Hinduism 

(B) Buddhism

(C) Jainism

(D) All three religions

36. Whose articles about Aryans are considered to be highly famous and standard?

(A) Shankaracharya

(B) Anne Vesant

(C) Swami Vivekananda

 (D) Bal Gangadhar Tilak

|| vedic kaal Question Answer In English || vedic kaal mahajanapadas  MCQ In English ||

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