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Daily Current Affairs 03 June 2021

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Daily Current Affairs 03 June 2021

Q1. Who has recently taken over as the Deputy Chief of the Naval Staff replacing MS Pawar?

A.Ravneet Singh

B.Navneet Gill

C.Sanoj Bhushan Pandey

D.None of these

Imp. Points- :

  • Navy Day - 4 December
  •  Headquarters- New Delhi
  •  Chief of the Naval Staff - Karambir Singh
  •  Vice Chief of the Naval Staff- G Ashok Kumar
  •  Deputy Chief of the Naval Staff- Ravneet Singh

Q2. Recently the World Health Assembly has announced to celebrate World NTDs Day every year on which day?

A. 25 January

B. 30 January

C. 30 December

D. 20 July

Imp. Points:

  • NTDs- Neglected Tropical Diseases
  • NTDs are a group of virus, bacterial, protozoan and parasitic infections that are most common in backward communities of Africa, Asia, and the Americas.
  • There are 20 neglected tropical diseases including snakebite venom,
  • Itching, yawning, trachoma, guinea worm, leishmaniasis and Chagas disease, etc.

Q3. Who was the last living member of the Indian Constituent Assembly who passed away recently at the age of 101?

A. M N Neer Bhanjan Das

B Dr. Naresan Chonduli

C. T. M. Kaliyanan Gounder

D. none of these

Q4. Who has been appointed by Magma Fincorp as its chairman recently?

A. Uday Kotak

B. Abhay Bhutada

C. Vijay Deswal

D. Adar Poonawalla

Imp Points:-

  •  In February 2021, Adar Poonawalla's company Rising Sun Holdings bought 60 per cent stake in Magma Fincorp for Rs 3456 crore. Following this deal, the brand name of Magma Fincorp has now been changed to 'Punawala Finance'.
  • Establishment of Magma Fincorp - 1988
  •  Headquarter- Kolkata
  •  Founder- Mayank Poddar and Sanjay Chamaria

Q5. Indian boxer Sanjit Kumar has won which medal in the 91 kg weight category at the 'ASEC Asian Boxing Championships 2021'?

A. Gold Medal

B. Silver Medal

C. Bronze medal

D. none of these

Imp Points:-

  •  India produced its best ever performance in this championship by winning a total of 15 medals (2 Gold, 5 Silver, 8 Bronze) and finished fourth in the medal table.
  •  India produced its best ever performance in this championship by winning a total of 15 medals (2 Gold, 5 Silver, 8 Bronze) and finished fourth in the medal table.

Q6. Who has been appointed as the new chairman of the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC)?

A.Mahesh Mittal Kumar

B. Rajiv Jain

C. Arun Kumar Mishra

D. Naveen Satwal

Imp. Points:

  • NHRC- National Human Rights Commission
  • Established- 12 October 1993
  •  Headquarters- New Delhi
  • .Motto- Sarve Bhavantu Sukhin:

Q7. Recently a new species of crickets found in the Kurra caves of which state has been named 'Indimimus Jayanti'?

A. Haryana

B. Chhattisgarh

C. Kerala

D. Tamil Nadu

Imp Points:-

Latest GK related to Chhattisgarh-:

  •  First place in terms of providing employment under MNREGA in the financial year 2020-21.
  •  Announcement to set up India's first 'Ethanol Plant'.
  •  India's first "Garbage Cafe - Ambikapur"
  •  "Indira Van Mitan Yojana" (to make forest dwellers self-reliant)
  •  'Spandan Abhiyan' (to reduce incidents of suicide and fraternity by police personnel)
  •  Ajit Jogi, the first Chief Minister passed away.
  •  "Adarsh ​​Thana Yojana" launched.
  •  Fortified rice launched to reduce malnutrition and anemia.
  •  "Godhan Nyay Yojana" (for cow dung management and environment protection)

Formation of Chhattisgarh- 1st November 2000, District- 28

  • Capital- Raipur, Chief Minister- Bhupesh Baghel, Governor- Anusuiya Udke, Chief Justice- PR Ramchandra Menon, High Court- Bilaspur
  • Election Seat- Lok Sabha-11, Rajya Sabha-5, Vidhan Sabha-90
  •  State Symbol- State Animal- Wild Buffalo, State Bird- Hill Myna, State Tree- Sal
  •  Folk dances- Saila, Sua Nacha, Dagla, Pali, Divari, Tapali, Navarani, Pandwani, Gaudi and Panthi
  •  National Parks- Indravati National Park, Kanger Ghati National Park and Guru Ghasi Das National Park
  •  Famous Dam- Gangrel Dam- Mahanadi

Q8. Which Indian Institute of Technology has recently developed India's first indigenous temperature data logger 'AmbiTAG'?

A. IIT, Kanpur

B. IIT, Guwahati

C. IIT, Delhi

D. IIT, Ropar

Q 9. Center for World University Rankings 2021-22 Which is ranked first among 2000 top universities in the world?

A.Harvard University

B.Massachusetts Institute of Technology

C. Stanford University

D.Cambridge University

Q10. What name did the World Health Organization (WHO) name the B.1.617.1 variant out of the two variants of Kovid-19 found for the first time in India?

A. Kappa

B. Jhappa

C. Otta

D. Retta

Imp Points:-

  • At the same time, the second Indian variant B1.617.2 version of Kovid-19 has been named 'Delta'.
  •  Establishment of World Health Organization (WHO) - 7 April 1948
  •  Headquarters- Geneva (Switzerland)
  •  Director General- Tedros Adhanom
  •  Member Countries - 194

Q11. Who among the following has taken over as the new Director General of Assam Rifles?

A. Lt Gen Ashok Kumar Nair

B. Lt Gen Pradeep Agarwal

C. Lt Gen Rahul Sachdeva

D Lt Gen Pradeep Chandran Nair

Imp Points:- 

  • The Assam Rifles was formed in 1835 under the name 'Cachar Levy'. In the year 1971, its name was changed to 'Assam Rifles'.
  •  This force is also called 'Sentinel of the Northeast' and 'Friend of the hill people'.
  • Headquarter- Shillong
  •  Motto - Sentinels of the North East

Q12. Recently Iran's largest ship 'IRIS Kharg' sank in which sea due to fire?

A. Indian Ocean

B. Atlantic Ocean

C. Gulf of Oman

D. Bay of Bengal

Imp Points:-

  • Iran's capital - Tehran
  •  Supreme Leader - Syed Ali Hussaini Khamenei
  •  President- Hassan Rouhani
  • Parliament - Majlis
  •  currency - rial

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