HP History MCQ Question Answer

HP History MCQ Question Answer 

||HP History MCQ  ||Himachal Pradesh  History  Question Answer ||

HP History MCQ Question Answer

1 Doom Movement in Bushahr took place in which year?

(a) 1880 AD

(b) 1889 AD

(c) 1879 AD

(d) 1859 AD

2. Rohru was the focus of which movement?

(a) Doom Movement

(b) 1857 Revolt

(c) Suket Movement

(d) Jugga Movement

3. The Second Suket Movement took place under the leadership of

(a) Wazir Narottam

 (b) Ratan Singh

(c) Amar Chand

 (d) All of these

4 Who led the Suket Satyagraha?

(a) Karm Chand Thakur

(b) Pandit Padam Dev

(c) Hari Das

(d) None the

5 Suket Satyagraha took place in the year?

(a) 1951

 (b) 1942 

(c) 1944

 (d) 1948

6. Which ruler did many reforms in Nalagarh?

(a) Gulam Kadir Khan

(b) Ishwar Singh

(c) Gulab Ram Nadda

(d) Narottam

7. Mass Movement in Nalagarh took place in which year?

(a) 1855 AD

 (b) 1866 AD

(c) 1877 AD

(d) 1888 AD

8 In which year Land Movement took place in Sirmaur?

(a) 1850 AD

(b) 1860 AD

(c) 1870 AD

(d) 1878 AD

9 Jugga Movement started in which hill state?

(a) Chamba

(b) Bilaspur

(c) Solan

(d) Mandi

10 Jugga Movement was started against which ruler?

(a) Amar Chand 

(b) Ishwar Singh

(c) Narottam

(d) Pandit Padam Dev

 11 Who was the leader of Jugga Movement?

(a) Pandit Padam Dev

(b) Gulab Ram Nadda

(c) Thakur Hazara Singh

(d) Kanshi Ram

12 The Farmers' Mass Movement, which was held in Chamba in 1895 AD, was against

(a) Raja Shayam Singh

(b) Wazir Govind Ram

(c) Narottam

(d) Both (a) and (b)

13 Who was the leader of Chamba Praja Suraksha League? 

(a) MA Ahmed

(b) Raja Shri Singh

(c) Raja Anand Chand

(d) Chatur Singh

14 Chamba Sewak Sangh was formed in which year?

(a) 1896 AD

(b) 1897 AD

(c) 1932 AD

(d) 1936 AD

15 Land Movement in Keonthal took place in which year?

(a) 1880 AD

(b) 1888 AD

(c) 1897 AD

(d) 1901 AD

16 Dodra-Kwar revolt took place under the leadership of

(a) Ran Bahadur Singh

(b) Shobha Ram

(c) Rana Hardev Singh

(d) None of the above

17 Mandi Farmers' Movement started in

(a) 1895 AD

(b) 1897 AD

(c) 1900 AD

(d) 1909 AD

18 Who was the Leader of Mandi Farmers' Movement?

(a) Shobha Ram

(b) Rana Hardev Singh

(c) Raja Anand Chand

(d) Bhagmal Sautha

 19 The Mandi Conspiracy organised under the influence of Gadar Party took place in which year?

(a) 1895-96 AD

(b) 1897-98 AD

(c) 1902-03 AD

(d) 1914-15 AD

20 Mandi Conspiracy took place under the influence of

(a) Ghadar Party

(b) Farmers' Movement

(c) Dhami Firing Tragedy

(d) Mass Movement

21 The leader of Ghadar Party was known as Swami Krishnanand

(a) Hardev

(b) Bhai Hirdey Ram

(c) Mian Jawahar Singh

(d) Jawahar Naryal

22 In Kunihar, Praja Mandal was organised in which year? [HP Patwari 2016

(a) 1920 AD

(b) 1925 AD

(c) 1930 AD

(d) 1939 AD

23 On 8th July, 1939, the leaders of Praja Mandal presented which demands in front of Rana of Kunihar?

(a) Recognition of the Praja Mandal

(b) Release the party workers

(c) Constitute a Governance Reform Committee

(d) All of the above

24 Along with Baghal Stale which other state took part in Mass Movements?

(a) Khaneti

(b) Theog

(c) Chamba

 (d) Both (a) and (b)

25 Who became the first Prime Minister of Independent Government of Theog stale on 15th August, 1947?

(a) Ram Surat Prakash

(b) Pandit Padam Dev

(c) Nand Lal Verma

(d) Pandit Hari Ram

26 Bhoomi Bandobast Andolan in Himachal Pradesh took place in which year?

(a) 1920 AD

(b) 1930 AD

(c) 1940 AD

(d) 1942 AD

27 Sanatan Dharam. Sabha is associated  with ......

(a) Pajhota Kisan Sabha

(b) Dandra Movement

(c) Doom Movement

(d) Suket Movement

28 Which Riyasati Praja Mandal Demanded in 1939 to abolish begar? [HAS Pre 2006]

(a) Bilaspur

(b) Kangra

(c) Dhami

(d) Sirmaur

29 Who renamed Prem Pracharini Sabbia as Dhami Praja Mandal?

(a) Sita Ram

(b) Bhagmal Sautha

(c) Rana Dilip Singh

(d) Ram Singh

30 Where in Himachal Pradesh the first tragic incident of firing the Satyagrahis took place?

(a) Dhami

(b) Theog

(c) Baghal

(d) None of these

31 To Investigate Dhami Firing Tragedy, an investigation committee was organised by the Indian National Congress (INC), under the Chairmanship of

(a) Lala Duni Chand

(b) Madan Singh

(c) YC Parmar

(d) Mian Chunchoo

32 The Chairman of Pajhota Kisan Sabha was

(a) Laxmi Singh

(b) Vedya Sural Singh

(c) Madan Singh

(d) Padma Ram

33 Mian Churchoo, Madan Singh, Mehar Singh, Kali Ram, etc were associated with

(a) 1857 Revolt

(b) Pajhota Kisan Sabha

(c) Dum Movement

(d) Suket Movement

34 'Ring Leaders' were associated with

(a) Pajhota Kisan Sabha

(b) Sirmaur Praja Mandal Movement

(c) Mass Movement in Nalagrah

(d) Jugga Movement

35 Praja Mandal Movement took place in Sirmaur in

(a) 1920 AD

(b) 1925 AD

(c) 1930 AD

(d) 1939 AD

 36 The first conference of Punjab and Hill States Praja Mandal was held at

(a) Chamba

(b) Ludhiana

(c) Sirmaur

(d) Kangra

37 In which year another Sirmaur Riyasati Praja Mandal was founded in Sirmaur?

(a) 1903 AD

(b) 1905 AD

(c) 1940 AD

(d) 1944 AD

38 Dr Devender Singh, Nagender Ram Nath and Aatma Ram were the founder of

(a) Suket Movement

(b) Sirmaur Riyasati Praja Mandal

(c) Indian National Congress

(d) None of the above

39 In 1927, Indian National Congres held its confrence in which place?

(a) Sujanpur

(b) Kunihar

(c) Rampur Bashahr

(d) Suket

40 Which hill states were the main centres of Quit India Movement in Himachal Pradesh?

(a) Bashahr, Sialkot, Rohru

(b) Nalagarh, Suket, Keonthal

(c) Mandi, Dodra, Baghal

(d) Shimla, Kullu, Kangra

41 Rajkumari Amrit Kaur led the Quit India movement from which place in Himachal Pradesh?

(a) Sirmaur

(b) Kangra

(c) Shimla

(d) Bilaspur

42 What was the other name of Shimla conference that took place on 25th June, 1945?

(a) Himachal Conference

(b) Wavell Conference

(c) British India Conference

(d) Gandhi Conference

 43 Himalayan Hill States Regional Council was formed in

(a) 1940 AD

(b) 1942 AD

(c) 1945 AD

(d) 1946 AD

44 Consider the following statements

I. Kunihar movement was started in1920 AD.

II. Kunihar movement was against Rana Hardev Singh of Kunihar.

Which of the above statements is/are correct?

(a) Only 1

(b) Only 11

(c) Both I and II 

(d) None of these

45 Consider the following statements

I. The first Praja Mandal of Himachal was set up in Sirmaur.

II. Praja Mandal movement in Sirmaur took place under Chaudhary Sher Jang.

Which of the above statements is/are correct?

(a) Only!

(b) Only 11

(c) Both I and II

(d) None of the above

46 Match the following

   List  (Year)         List (Movement)        

1.  1920 AD          A. Doom Movement in Bushahr

2. 1878 AD           B. Land Movement in Sirmaur

3. 1930 AD          C. Kunihar Movement

4. 1859 AD D. Bhoomi Bandobast Andolan



(a)  4 2 1 3

(c) 3 2 1 4

(b) 4 3 2 1

(d) 1 2 3 4

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