Satluj River In HP

 Satluj River In HP

||Satluj River In HP||Satluj River In Himachal pradesh||Tributaries of Sutlej River In HP||

Satluj River In HP

 The origin place of the river Sutlej is the Southern slopes of the Kailash mountains near Mansarovar lake from Rakas lake. The Sutlej river is also known as Saturdi in Vedic and as Shatadru in Sanskrit language. In Tibet it is known as Langqen Zangbo means Elephant river. It is the longest among the five rivers of Himachal Pradesh. From Shipki La Pass at an altitude of 6,608 m, Sutlej river enters Himachal Pradesh and flows in the South-Westerly direction through Kinnaur, Shimla, Kullu, Solan, Mandi and Bilaspur districts. Its total length is 1,448 km and in Himachal Pradesh, it covers a length of 320 km. At Bhakra in Bilaspur, the river leaves Himachal Pradesh and enters in the Punjab plains. World's highest gravity dam Bhakra Nangal dam and Gobind Sagar lake is built at this place. From Punjab it flows into Pakistan where it joins the Indus river. Namgia, Kalpa, Rampur, Tattapani, Suni and Bilaspur are important settlements along its banks.

 Tributaries of Sutlej 

Tributaries of Sutlej River In HP

Important tributaries of Sutlej river are as follows: 

Baspa River:-

 The river originates from Baspa hills and joins the Sutlej river from the left bank near Kalpa in Kinnaur district. It covers a length of about 75 km. Many small streams that are formed by melting of snow add water to this river. Kalpa is an important settlement along its bank. 

 Spiti River :-

This river originates from Kunzum range in Lahaul and Spiti district. It is joined by two small rivers Tegpo and Kabsian. The Spiti river drains the Pin and Spiti valleys. Flowing South-East, it confluences with Sutlej river at Namgia in Kinnaur district after which the two rivers take South-West direction. The river runs through high mountains that are mostly barren. Its position across the main Himalayan range deprives it from the benefit of South-West monsoon that cause widespread rain in most parts of India from June to September. It is a snowfed river that gets water from the melting of glaciers. Hansi and Dhankar Gompa are important settlements along this river. 

 Soan River:- This river originates from the Southern slopes of the Shivalik range. The river flows through boundary of Himachal Pradesh and Punjab. In summer, the water level in this river drops down while during monsoon, it became flooded.

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