Important Question Answer For HPSSC Staff Nurse Post Code 933 Exam 2022-Set-11


Important Question Answer  For HPSSC Staff Nurse Post Code 933 Exam 2022-Set-11

||Important Question Answer  For HPSSC Staff Nurse Post Code 933 Exam 2022-Set-11||Important Question Answer  For HPSSSB Hamirpur Staff Nurse Post Code 933 Exam 2022-Set-11||

Important Question Answer  For HPSSC Staff Nurse Post Code 933 Exam 2022-Set-11

👉HPSSC Hamirpur Staff Nurse Post Code-933 Test Series 2022(Start-15 Feb 2022)

Q.1 Which of the following factors most influences a patient's ability to learn from a health education program?

A. Patient's belief that the information will be useful or enjoyable

B. Handouts given to the patient

C. Nurse's ability to teach

D. Settings of programms on which the educational program is given


Q.2 Thiamine deficiency causes decreased energy production because: A. It is required for the process of transamination.

B. It is a co-factor in oxidative reduction.

C. It is a co-enzyme for transketolase is pentose phosphate pathway.

 D. It is a co-enzyme for pyruvate dehydrogenase & alpha ketoglutarate dehydrogenase.

Q.3 Techniques of Inventory Control:

A. Economic Order Quantity

B. Perpetual Inventory system

C. Setting of various level

D. All of the above


 Q.4 Which of the following responsibility of community pharmacist is in dispensing area?

A. Reviews all doses missed, reschedule the doses as necessary & signs all drugs not given notices

B. Supervision of drug administration

C. Ensures that establishes policies & procedures are followed

D. Reviewing of each patient’s drug administration forms periodically to ensure all doses have been administered


Q.5 Sewage is mainly generated from which of these?

 A. Houses

B. Factories

C. Offices

D. Hospitals


Q.6 A cluster of polar flagella is called:

A. Lophotrichous

B. Amphitrichous

C. Monotrichous

D. Petritrichous


Q.7 The cocci which forms a bunch and irregular pattern are:

A. Staphylococci

B. Diplococci

C. Tetracocci

 D. Streptococci 


Q.8 The client has severe rectal bleeding with 16 diarrheal stools a day, severe abdominal pain, dehydration, tenesmus. Due to these symptoms, the nurse should be alert for the other problems associated with what disease?

A. Diverticulitis

 B. Chrons disease

 C. Ulcerative colitis

D. Peritonitis


Q.9 Which enzyme is used by the HIV to form DNA in the host cell? A. Restriction endonuclease

 B. DNA-directed polymerase only

 C. Reverse transcriptase only

D. Both (B)and (C)


Q.10 Which of the following may contain fimbriae?

A. Gram-positive bacteria

B. Gram-negative bacteria

C. Both (A) and (B)

D. None of these


Q.11 The nurse is assessing fetal heart rate in a pregnant patient. The nurse records a pulse of 82 beats per minute. The nurse should ____.

A. Try another doppler device

B. Add lubricant to the doppler's surface

C. Call the physician immediately

D. Move the doppler device


Q.12 A nurse is assessing an 18-year-old woman who has come into the emergency department for bilateral abdominal pain. Which of the following should the nurse not consider a risk factor for ectopic pregnancy?

A. Endometriosis

B. Chlamydia trachomatis

C. Uterine fibroids

D. Yeast infection


Q.13 For a female client with anorexia nervosa, Nurse Jimmy is aware that which goal takes the highest priority?

A. The client will establish adequate daily nutritional intake.

B. The client will make a contract with the nurse that sets a target weight.

C. The client will identify self-perceptions about body size as unrealistic.

D. The client will verbalize the possible physiological consequences of self-starvation.


Q.14 When does discharge planning ideally begin?

A. During admission

B. After admission

C. Before admission

D. Without admission


Q.15 How can nurses best help expand the availability of health education programs?

A. Being entrepreneurs and asking patients to pay what they think the educational program was worth

B. Suggesting to their friends and neighbours that they lobby local health organizations to provide such health education programs

C. Teaching health education programs as unpaid volunteers in the community

D. Working politically to influence public policy regarding funding health education programs

👉HPSSC Hamirpur Staff Nurse Post Code-933 Test Series 2022(Start-15 Feb 2022)


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