Nursing Exam Question Answer Set-1

Nursing Exam Question Answer Set-1 

||Nursing Exam Question Answer Set-1 ||Staff Nurse Exam Question And Answer Set-1 ||Nursing Officer Exam Question Answer Set-1||

Nursing Exam Question Answer Set-1

Q.1 Stas Otto process is used for the extraction of: 

A. Ethnol from blood 
B. Poison from viscera 
C. Ptylin from saliva 
D. Uric acid from urine 

Q.2 Amber is a 39-year-old woman who is experiencing secondary dysmenorrhea. The nurse knows that Amber could be suffering from which of the following? 

A. Endometriosis 
B. Low levels of aldosterone 
C. Amenorrhea 
D. High levels of prostaglandin 

Q.3 A male client admitted to the psychiatric unit for treatment of substance abuse says to the nurse, “It felt so wonderful to get high.” Which of the following is the most appropriate response? 

A. “If you continue to talk like that, I’m going to stop speaking to you.” 
B. “You told me you got fired from your last job for missing too many days after taking drugs all night.” 
C. “Tell me more about how it felt to get high.” 
D. “Don’t you know it’s illegal to use drugs?”

 Q.4 Which of the following is abundantly found in collagen? 

A. Tryptophan 
B. Alanine 
C. Glycine 
D. Serine 

Q.5 One registered nurse may be responsible for giving medications, another nurse for admission and discharges while nursing attendants change linen, provide hygienic care, or do simple procedures for which they have trained. This model of nursing practice is called ___. 

A. Functional nursing 
B. Team nursing 
C. Primary nursing 
D. Total patient care 

Q.6 Which comment to the nurse best demonstrates a successful health education program? 

A. People started walking for 30 minutes every day after that program 
B. I certainly enjoyed the program, and thank you for the freebies 
C. You gave me so much new informations, thank you so much 
D. None of these 

Q.7 Which of the following causes arterial and bronchial constriction and platelet aggregation? 

A. Prostaglandin 𝐸2 
B. Prostaglandin 𝐴2 
C. Prostaglandin 𝐷2 
D. Thromboxane 𝐴2 

Q.28 The conditions for bacteria to survive are: 

A. Food, temperature, stress, oxygen, acidity, time 
B. Food, temperature, moisture, radiation, acidity, time 
C. Food moisture, acidity, oxygen, time, temperature 
D. None of these 

Q.9 Which of the following bacteria lack a cell wall and are therefore resistant to penicillin? 

A. Cyanobacteria 
B. Mycoplasmas 
C. Bdellovibrios 
D. Spirochetes 

Q.10 Different people often react differently to the same situations. In psychology, it is referred to as: 

A. Nativism 
B. Individual differences 
C. Multiple determinants 
D. None of the above

||Nursing Exam Question Answer Set-1 ||Staff Nurse Exam Question And Answer Set-1 ||Nursing Officer Exam Question Answer Set-1||

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