Important Computer Question Answer PDF

 Important Computer Question Answer PDF 

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Important Computer Question Answer PDF

In this article you will know what is computer? I hope, there will hardly be any person in the world who has not heard the name of computer till now. You too must have basic knowledge of computer, but do you see this unique electronic machine only as a PC used in home and office? Maybe, the definition of computer is very short for you, but one thing you should know that it is not just a device placed on the table, but it is like a magic gem developing today's modern technology.

Just imagine, today you sit at home in any part of the world in contact with the person present through the Internet, watch any program on television as per your wish, withdraw money from the card anywhere with a simple, and now you have to go shopping. You don't even have to go outside to do it. Due to which such facilities have been made possible; No one knows how much impossible is going to be possible in the future.

“Computer is an electronic device used to perform calculations, store, organize, and retrieve data/information, and to control other machines.” In simple language, computer generates results by processing based on the instructions given by the user. Apart from this, data can be stored for a long time in the computer's storage device, so that it can be retrieved as soon as it is needed again.

The word computer is derived from the English word 'compute', which in Hindi means to calculate. Several hundred years ago, this word was used to refer to a person who did calculations (that is, a mathematician). When computers started doing this work later, they came to be called Calculating Machine.

Although the early computers were not as modern as they are today, they were made just for the purpose of doing fast calculations. In contrast, a modern computer is a programmable machine; Programs are written to get each work done. It is a set of instructions that tells the computer what to do and how to do it, it is also called software.

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