Important Question Answer Series For HPSSC JOA IT (Post Code -939) Set-15


Important Question Answer Series For HPSSC JOA IT (Post Code -939) Set-15

||Important Question Answer Series For HPSSC JOA IT (Post Code -939) Set-15||Important Question Answer Series For HPSSSB Hamirpur JOA IT Post Code -939 Set-15||HPSSSB Hamirpur JOA IT Post Code -939 Important Question Answer||

Important Question Answer Series For HPSSC JOA IT (Post Code -939) Set-15

1.     Which header file is used with input and output operations of C in C++?
a)     stdio.h
b)    cstdio
c)     iostream
d)    none of the mentioned
2.     Which will be used with physical devices to interact from C++ program?
a)     Programs
b)    Library
c)     Streams
d)    None of the mentioned
3.     How many streams are automatically created when executing a program?
a)     1
b)    2
c)     3
d)    4
4.     What is the output of this program by manipulating the text file? #include <stdio.h>
int main()
if (remove("myfile.txt") != 0)
perror("Error" ); else puts("Success"); return 0;
a.     Error
b.     Success
c.     Runtime Error
d.    Can't say
5.     The part of a computer that co-ordinates all its functions is called its
(A)  ROM Program
(B)   System board
(C)   Arithmetic logic unit
(D)  Control unit
6.     The process of carrying out commands in computer is called
(A) Fetching (B) Storing (C) Decoding (D) Executing
7.     A collection of unprocessed items is
(A)  information
(B)   data
(C)   memory
(D)  reports
8.     Manipulating data to create information is known as
(A) feedback (B) programming (C) processing (D) analysis
9.     Which of the following is true about Arithmetic & Logic unit?
I.     Perform Arithmetic operations
II.    Store data
III.   Perform comparisons
IV.   Communicate with input devices
(A) I only (B) III only (C) I&II (D) I & III
10.   ' "PARAM' was developed by
(A) C-DAC (B) IIT Kanpur (C) BARC (D) IIT, Delhi
11.   Which devices uses a handheld operation system?
(B)   A personal computer
(C)   Alaptop
(D)  A mainframe
12.   The Slate shaped object below mouse is called
(A)  Mouse cover
(B)   Mouse pad
(C)   Mouse port
(D)  Mouse conductor
13.   Which key is used in combination with another key to perform a specific task?
(A) Function (B) Spacebar (C) Arrow (D) Control
14.   In MICR, C stands for
(A) Code (B) Colour (C) Computer (D) Character
15.   Codes consisting of bars or lines of varying widths or lengths that are computer readable are known as
(A)  An ASCII code
(B)   A magnetic tape
(C)   An OCR.scanney
(D)  A Barcode
16.   Pick the odd one out of the following:
(A) Mouse (B). Scanner (C) Printer (D) Keyboard
17.   Devices that let the computer communicate with you are called
(A)  Input
(B)   Output
(C)   Type
(D)  Print
18.   The first computer mouse was built by
(A)  Douglas Engelbart
(B)   William English
(C)   Oaniel Coogher
(D)  Robert Zawacki
19.   Storage which stores or retains data after power off is called
(A)  Volatile storage
(B)   Non-volatile storage
(c) Sequential storage
(D) Direct storage
20.   Secondary storage
(A)  does not require constant power.
(B)   does not use magnetic media.
(C)   consists of four main types of devices.
(D)  does not store information for later retrieval.

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