Solved HP GK Question Asked in HP High Court Driver Exam 2022

Solved HP GK Question Asked in HP High Court Driver Exam 2022

||Solved HP GK Question Asked in HP High Court Driver Exam 2022||Solved Himachal Pradesh GK Question Asked in HP High Court Driver Exam 2022||

Solved HP GK Question Asked in HP High Court Driver Exam 2022

 1. Which among the following place in HP is known as Mini Switzerland ?

(A) Dharamshala

(B) Kullu

(C) Khajjar

(D) Kasauli

2.Lake "Kumarwah' is located in which district of HP?

(A) Mandi

(B) Chamba

(C) Kullu

(D) Hamirpur

3. Who built the fort of Nagarkot in the ancient period?

(A) Ashoka

(B) Susharma Chandra

(C) Sansar Chand

(D) None Of These

4. Who is the Speaker of HP Vidhan Sabha?

A.Alainant Ram

B. Vipin Singh Parmar

C. Suresh Bhardwaj

D. Vikram Singh

5. Who is the Governor of Himachal Pradesh?

A. Shn Acharya Devarat

B. Shri dal Ram Thakur

C.Shri Ram Nath Kovind

D. Shri Rajendra Vishwanath Arlekar

6. What is the name of State bird of Himachal Pradesh?

(A) Peacock

(B) Pigon

(C) Western tragopan

(D) Crow

7.Famous temple of Jawalamukhi is situated in which district?

(A) Kangra

(B) Chamba

(C). Kullu

(D) Hamirpur

8. Manikaran is situated on the bank of which river?

(A) Beas

(B) Parvati

(C) Tirthan

(D) Chandarbhaga

9.Which district is known as "Valley of Gods" in HP?

(A) Mandi

(B) Chamba

(C) Kullu

(D) Kangra

10. Where is the ancient temple of "Manu" located in HP?

(A) Mandi

(B) Bilaspur

(C) Kangra

(D) Manali

11. "Kee Monastery" is situated in?

(A) Spiti

(B) Kinnaur

(C) Lahaul

(D) Naggar

12. What is the official language of Himachal Pradesh?

(A) Hindi

(B) English

(C) Pahari

(D) Tankri

13. Himachal day is celebrated on

(A) 15 April

(B) 25 January

(C) 15 January

(D) 15 August

14. Govind sagar lake is related to which river?

(A) Beas

(B) Ravi

(C) Satuj

(D) Yamuna

15. in which district of Himachal "Gaggal Airport is situated?

(A) Mandi

(B) Chamba

(O Kullu

(D) Kangra

16. Which river originates from rohtang pass?

(A) Beas

(B) Ravi

(O Satuj

(D) Yamuna

17. Who is the Social Justice and Empowerment Minister of HP?

(A) Smt. Sarveen Chaudhary

(B) Shri Suresh Bhardwaj

(C) Shri Virender Kanwar

(D) Sh. Sukh Ram

18. What is the total number of Rajya Sabha seats in Himachal Pradesh?

(A) 2

(B) 3

(C) 4

(D) None of These

19. In which year Himachal Pradesh achieved full statehood?

(A) 1975

(B) 1976

(C) 1971

(D) 1947

20. Which is the smallest district of Himachal Pradesh in Area?

(A) Mandi

(8) Chamba

(C) Kullu

(D) Hamirpur

21. How many seats Himachal State Assembly has?

(A) 65

(B) 68

(C) 67

(D) 66

22. Who was the first Chief Minister of HP?

(A) Yashwant Singh Parmar

(B) Ram Lal Thakur

(C) Virbhadhra Singh

(D) Prem Kumar Dhumal

23. Himachal Pradesh PoliceTraining centre is located at?

(A) junga

(B) Darah

(c) Bankhandi

(D) Bharani

24. The old Name of Nalagarh was?

(A) Dhami

(B) Banied

(C) Hindur

(D) Kirgram

25. Jorna fair is celebrated at?

(A) Chopal

(B) Sarkaghat

(C) Chail

(D) Salooni

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