SJVN Cook-Cum-Housekeeper Exam Syllabus

 SJVN Cook-Cum-Housekeeper Exam Syllabus

SJVN Cook-Cum-Housekeeper Exam Syllabus

Syllabus for Written Test for the post of Cook-Cum-Housekeeper (Total 100 Marks) 

PART-A (50 marks)

 i. Aims & Objectives of Cooking, Kitchen Layout and Organisation, Equipment, Fuel and Tools used in Cookery, Ingredients: Shortenings, Raising Agents, Sugar, Milk products, Rice and Cereal, Vegetables and Fruits. 

ii. Preparation and Methods of Cooking - Preparation of Ingredients, Methods & Principles of Cooking Food – Roasting, Grilling, Frying, Baking, Boiling, Steaming. 

iii. Basics of Cooking - Stock, Soups, Sauces. 

iv. Indian Cuisine – Introduction to Indian Foods, Spices used in Indian Foods, Masalas, Indian Curries and Gravies, Indian Rice Preparations, Indian Salads and Soups, Indian Snacks and Chats, Indian Sweet Preparations, Indian Festival Dishes, Indian Breads, Preparing Tandoor, Types, Marinade preparation, Tandoori breads. 

v. Basics of kitchen and food safety Etiquettes 

a. Hygiene & Sanitation 

b. Cleaning equipment 

c. Cleaning methods – Care, cleaning and polishing of various surfaces 

d. Cleaning of guest rooms and bath – daily, weekly and spring cleaning, etc. 

PART-B (50 marks) 

1. Quantitative Aptitude (20 marks)

 i. Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division 

ii. Percentage, Ratio, Average 

2. General Knowledge (20 Marks) 

i. General Knowledge, Current affairs 

ii. 'Who' is 'Who' 

iii. States and Capitals in India, 

iv. Geography of Himachal Pradesh 

v. Knowledge of SJVN 

vi. Basic Knowledge of Power Sector

 3. Reasoning (10 marks) 

i. Arrangement & Pattern 

ii. Blood Relations 

iii. Verbal Reasoning 

iv. Floor Puzzle

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