Computer Questions Answers for Competitive Exams Set-7


Computer Questions  Answers for Competitive Exams Set-7

||Computer Questions  and Answers for Competitive Exams Set-7||Computer Questions  Answers for JOA IT,Computer operator & other exams||important computer related question answer|| 

Computer Questions  Answers for Competitive Exams Set-7

Q106. _______ is the maximum amount of data that can be stored on a storage medium.

(a) Optical storage

(b) Magnetic storage

(c) Solid-state storage

(d) Storage capacity

(e) None of these

Explanation:  Storage capacity refers to how much disk space one or more storage devices provide. Storage capacity measures how much data a computer system may contain. For eg. a computer with a 100 GB hard drive has a storage capacity of 100 GB.

Q107. A. is a software program used to view Web pages.

(a) host

(b) site

(c) link

(d) browser

(e) None of these

Explanation:  Web browser is a software application used to enable computers users to locate and access web pages. Browsers translates the basic HTML code that allows us to see images, text videos and listen to audios on websites, along with hyperlinks that let us travel to different web pages. The browser gets in contact with the web server and requests for information.

Q108. A computer system includes .....

(a) software

(b) hardware

(c) peripheral devices

(d) All of the above

(e) None of these

Explanation: A computer system comprises of hardware (physical parts of a computer that can be seen or touched). Hardware may include the system unit which form the core architechture of computer and comprises of CPU, memory, motherboard, buses, etc. It may also include peripheral devices. Which are connected to the system unit. It include input devices, output devices and storage devices. A computer software refers to the set the instructions that directs a computer's processor to perform specific operations.

Q109. The term refers to any computer component that is required to perform work.

(a) kernel

(b) bootstrap

(c) resource

(d) source code

(e) None of these

Explanation:  A system resource is any usable part of a computer that can be controlled and assigned by the operating system so all of the hardware and software on the computer can work together as designed. Every device connected to a computer system is a resource.

Q110. The term......... refers to data storage systems that make it possible for a computer or electronic device to store and retrieve data.

(a) input technology

(b) retrieval technology

(c) output technology

(d) storage technology

(e) None of these

Explanation:  Storage technology refers to the technology used to store the images or information obtained through the use of some form of capture technology. This includes the medium used for storage the compression methodology used to minimize the amount of storage medium employed, the format used to program the image or information onto the medium, the encoding methods used to represent any interpretation of the stored information and the useful life of the storage medium.

Q111. You use a(n), such as a keyboard or mouse, to input information.

(a) processing device

(b) storage device

(c) input device

(d) output device

(e) None of these

Explanation: Input device is any peripheral device used to enter data or information into a computer. It include keyboard, mouse, smart cards, microphones, etc.

Q112........... allows voice conversations to travel over the Internet.

(a) Instant messaging

(b) Internet telephony

(c) E-commerce

(d) None of these

Explanation: Internet Telephony refers to the technology that converts analog speech (voice) signals into digital signals and routes them through packet-switched networks of the internet. Those signals bypass the traditional circuit switched networks used for telephone calls and thus escape the long-distance phone charges.

Q113. Which of the following is not true about computer files?

(a) Every file has a filename

(b) They are collections of data saved to a storage medium

(c) A file extension is established by the user to indicate the file's contents

(d) All files contain data

(e) None of these

Explanation:  A filename extension is a Suffix (seperated from the base file name by a dot or space) to the name of a computer file applied to indicate the encoding (file format) of its contents or usage. eg. .bar, .doc, .htm, etc. .doc represents adocument file format.

Q114. A......... is a large and expensive computer capable of simultaneously processing data for hundreds or thousands of users.

(a) mainframe computer

(b) handheld computer

(c) personal computer

(d) tablet computer

(e) None of these

Explanation: A mainframe is a large, expensive powerful computer that can handle hundreds or thousands of connected users simultaneously. Mainframes stores tremendous amount of data, instructions and information. Most major corporations user mainframes for business activities. With mainframes, enterprises are able to bill millions of customers, prepare payroll for thousands of employees, manages thousands of items in inventory, etc.

Q115. The______ is responsible for performing calculations and contains decision-making mechanisms.

(a) Memory Unit

(b) Central Processing Unit

(c) Arithmetic and Logic Unit

(d) Output Unit

(e) None of these

Explanation:  The Arithmetic and logic unit of CPU performs arithmetic calculations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and logical comparisons such as greater than, less than, equal to, etc respectively.

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