General Science MCQ Question Answer Set-2


 General Science MCQ Question Answer Set-2

|| General Science  Question Answer Set-2|| General Science MCQ  Set-2||

General Science MCQ Question Answer Set-2

1. Which of the following metals is a liquid at room temperature? 

(a) Lithium 

(b) Calcium

 (c) Mercury 

(d) Sodium 

2. Which of the following solutions in alkaline? 

 (a) [H+] = 1 × 10–4 Mol/l 

(b) [H+] = 1 × 10–7 Mol/l

 (c) [H+] > 1 × 10–7 Mol/l

 (d) [H+] < 1 × 10–7 Mol/l 

3. What is the atomicity of Phosphorus? 

 (a) Mono-atomic 

(b) Di-atomic 

(c) Poly-atomic 

(d) Tetra-atomic 

4. The egg is carried from the ovary to the womb through:

 (a) the vas deferens 

(b) the oviduct 

(c) the cervix 

(d) the uterus 

5. Which of the following plant tissues is capable of cell division? 

 (a) Meristem

 (b) Sclerenchyma 

(c) Xylem 

(d) Parenchyma 

6. Which of the following classifications is based on atomic numbers?

 (a) Modern Periodic Table 

(b) Dobereiner’s Law ofTriads

 (c) Newlands Law of Octaves

 (d) Mendeleev’s Periodic Table 

7. Which of the following is used in the preparation of tincture iodine, cough syrup and many tonics? 

(a) Ethanoic acid 

(b) Ethanol 

(c) Methanol 

(d) Acetic acid 

8. The number of electrons that can be accommodated in the M shell is: 

(a) 32 

(b) 18 

(c) 8 

(d) 2 

9. Which part of the human reproductive system helps the embryo get its nutrition from the mother’s blood? 

 (a) Uters

 (b) Cervix 

(c) Placenta

 (d) Fallopian tube 

10. An object having a mass ‘m’ moving with a velocity ‘v’ possesses a kinetic energy ‘K’. If its velocity is doubled, its kinetic energy will become:

(a) 4 K 

(b) K/4 

(c) K/2 

(d) 2 K

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