Important Question Answer For HPSSC Lineman Exam Set-3

Important Question Answer For HPSSC Lineman Exam Set-3

 ||Important Subject Related  Question Answer For HPSSC Lineman Exam Set-3||Important Question Answer For HPSSSB Hamirpur Lineman Exam Set-3|| 

Important Question Answer For HPSSC Lineman Exam Set-3

1. The formula to find the current (I) as per Ohm's law is _______

(A) I =R/V

(B) I= V R²

(C) l=V/R

(D) I=VR

2. Ohm's law states the relation between ______

(A) Current, E.M.F. and Voltage

(B) E.M.F. Current and Resistance

(C) Temperature, E.M.F. and Resistance

(D) Voltage, Specific resistance and Resistance

3. As per Ohm's law the current is ______

(A) Inversely proportional to the voltage

(B)  Directly proportional to the voltage

(C) Directly proportional to the resistance

(D) Inversely proportional to the temperature

4. What is the change of resistance value of the conductor as its diameter is doubled?

(A) Increases to two times

(B) Decreases to four times

(C) Decreases to half of the value

(D) No change in value of the resistance

5. What is the value of resistance in an open circuit ?

(A) Zero

(B) Low

(C) High

(D) Infinity

6. Which is the application of series circuit?

(A) Fuse in circuit

(B) Voltmeter connection

(C) Electrical lamp in houses

(D) Shunt resistor in ammeter

7. The parallel circuit is used for__________

(A) House wiring

(B) Continuity test

(C) Decorative lighting

(D) Ammeter connection

8. In Ohm's law the condition is that

(A) The temperature should vary

(B) The temperature should remain constant

(C) Current should be proportional to voltage

(D) Ratio of V/I should be constant

9. In a parallel circuit across each resistance

(A) Current divides and voltage remains the same

(B) Voltage divides and Current remains the same

(C) Both divide

(D) Both remains the same

10. The resistance of a conductor on increasing the temperature

(A) Decreases

(B) Remains constant

(C) Increases

(D) Varies

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